CICADA PRINCESS (2012) – Review

Cicada Princess by Mauricio Baiocchi

An enchanting faerie tale.

Mauricio Baiocchi‘s Cicada Princess is an enchanting fairy tale short based on the children’s book of the same name, also written by Baiocchi, with illustrations and character design by Steve Ferrera combine to create a masterful stop-motion animation project which made its project debut on Kickstarter in May 2011. After more than 1100+ donations from community sponsors and supporters from the San Francisco Film Society, the film has been completed and submitted to film festivals.

English actor, screenwriter, and poet Stephen Fry narrates the short film. His voice is the perfect accompaniment and sets the beautifully solemn mood of the short and level of elegance. For sixteen years, cicadas live underground and emerge to meet the sun for the first time–but their time is short. A cicada can only live for two days and two nights, and then they pass away. To celebrate their emergence from the earth, they attend a regal ball in hopes to find happiness and love.

The individual quality of the anthropomorphic cicada figurines are impressive and are outfitted beautifully in their fancy ball gowns and suits delicately stitched with care. The remarkable craftsmanship extends to the handmade buildings, the soil and the grand tree, and the little props within the castle where the ball is held. Most of all, the story is beautiful and moving–and emotional attachment to the little cicadas’ and is enchanting to watch as they enjoy those final moments before emerging to the surface world for a poignant, final send off.

Below is the video featured during the original Kickstarter campaign that hi-lights the charming tale behind the creation of the book and short-film.

Our review of Baiocchi’s Cicada Princess short-film is due to receipt of our backer award for supporting the original creative project on Kickstarter. 

Source Mauricio Baiocchi’s Cicada Princess
All images © of Mauricio Baiocchi.

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Review Summary:

Cicada Princess is a story of tragic love, where after sixteen years of life underground, cicadas emerge to attend the ball for their species to find a mate to whom they can spend their last hours. After the sun rises, they will cease to exist. The animated film is based on Baiocchi's book of the same title.

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