COLD WAR (Hon Jin) (2012) – Review

 Loyalty is a lie.


Longman Leung and Sunny Luk‘s COLD WAR (HON JIN) “hypes” itself as being an exciting crime thriller surrounding police corruption in Hong Kong, It is, and it isn’t.  It has a lot going on, and viewers may lose themselves in the numerous plot twists that are complicated. Nothing to see here. It is just another cop drama that we have seen one time too many.

Hong Kong is the safest city in Asia. That is until an impressive downtown building suddenly explodes with a van filled with specialized police officers. Thereafter, cryptic phone calls, phoned into to police headquarters, and eventually it becomes clear that the hijackers know the force’s every move. Two units in the department join to neutralize the threat, but they find themselves trapped into a grand scale game over power.

The shots of Hong Kong (especially the night shots) are the best part of this film. Great scenery, yet hard to understand circumstances. Different departments and officers together in conflict for power in order to present the film as being more suspenseful than what it is. With all these different people, the plot becomes confusing and drawn out before it ever reaches the near two hour mark. Although one compliment can be extended to the force–nice wardrobe.

Cold War is a fitting title in the sense the rival departments are ruthless in their pursuit of power, and it technically is a war of sorts. The officers themselves are not warm people and do not give any true unveiling of their personalities, causing them to be quite distant and unrelatable even when speaking on the safety of the citizens of Hong Kong. The older Hong Kong police/action films had much more personality, action, and lively characters and kept the viewer entertained. Cold War is very sterile with not much to present in terms of attempting to get the audience to “like” the people they are watching on screen–they are good actors and not much else.

As far as the action scenes go, they are few and far between. You get a mix of violent scenes with a tad much of the shaky camera effect. All told you have seen it all before.

Cold War (Hon Jin) Special Features include:

•  The Making of Cold War
•  Trailer Gallery
•  Widescreen Presentation
•  English 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio
•  Cantonese 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio
•  Optional English and Spanish Subtitles

The Making of Cold War featurette helps to give background to the story via the assistance of the cast and crew. Diligent research was done in order to make the film as realistic as possible. The cast really seemed to enjoy their roles and were very impressed with the script. The crew discusses what went into filming certain scenes, including the explosion one that opens the film.
Cold War comes with a code for Ultraviolet streaming.

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One night the police headquarters receives an anonymous call after a fully loaded police van, carrying five highly trained officers and equipment, disappears off the gird.

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