Cornered. EP Arts Photography

There is no you.
only a dream.

I speak to you
in fancied thoughts.

-a daydream-

for there
you are real to me

I am already familiar
of who you are

who you will become
what you will taste like.

-roasted game-

we are introduced
you take my hand
in confidence

-a silent salute to us-

hovering–near your ear
purring to mock you.

-as I gently stroke your arm-

you chew your lip

in agony

as your eyes disrobe me
in a crowded room

-caress my waist pull me into you-

without spoken word

we have already met
in a dream.

till then I
remain cornered

-a chrysalis-

emerging only
when the time comes

Image credit: EP Arts Photography
all rights reserved

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