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SOFYA SKYA ASSASSINS RUNEverything you trust. Everything you know. May be a lie.


Robert Crombie‘s Assassins Run (a.k.a. White Swan) DVD cover is misleading. The cover feature actors Christian Slater and Cole Hauser decked out in military fatigues, and are about to get deep into exploding action. The problem here is this: none of this is part of the film. *Spoiler* Slater dies in the first 30-minutes of the film. Luckily, we have an ass kicking ballerina to come to the rescue. Beautiful Sofya Skya as Maya Letiniskaya battles her way through a Russian women’s prison with the use of her stylish ballet techniques. Yes, a ballerina, using ballet, to dance her way out of a Russian prison. Something you have to see to believe.

Maya Letinskya (Skya) is a talented ballerina performing in St. Petersburg. Her husband Michael Mason (Slater) is a wealthy American businessman who spoils her and their young daughter Nina (Marianna Khalifman) rotten. Unfortunately, Michael is killed by the Russian Mafia over a stack of bonds worth half a billion dollars–and the mafia “suggests” Maya turn them over. Of course, she refuses to help them in their search, and Maya is framed for murder and sent to an “all women’s” Russian prison. In captivity, she learns of her daughter’s abduction and vows to save her by any means necessary.

Truth be told Skya does a pretty decent job in her role as a revenge laden ballerina. She uses her “dancing skills” during some of the film’s fight scenes which ranges from incredibly bad ass to slightly ridiculous. I enjoyed that the dialogue is a mix between Russian and English, which lends to the viability of the story-line. There are lot’s of stunning visuals–many of the films’ scenes were shot on location in St. Petersburg and definitely lends to the films cinematic value. However, don’t expect any originality with the film plot–the story is unoriginal and predictable. Some of the violent action renders a bit cheesy, but it is not a bad film overall.

Assassins Run is an O.K. flick. Just don’t expect “gang buster” action.

Worth checking out.

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Assassins Run
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Maya (Skya) becomes the target of the Russian mafia after her husband, a successful American businessman, is killed.

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