DARK HOUSE (2014) – Review

Few shall enter. None shall leave. Damn.


Director Victor Salva (Jeepers Creeper‘s franchise) tries to recreate horror success by finding chaos in the woods in all not too scary DARK HOUSE (2014). Much like the characters in the popular television series CW’s Supernatural. The set up is pretty gory, yet not overwhelming. There’s nothing to unique about finding a creepy mansion in the woods. Of course, there are a few missteps in dialogue and acting, which is typical of genre horror films. If you want a “different” horror film–or a horror movie that is a mash-up of every other horror movie–then you might want to give DARK HOUSE (2014) a try.  DARK HOUSE DVD

Nick Di Santo (Luke Kleintank) has the power to reveal whether a person will die a horrible death by touching them. Having this “unique” ability stresses the dude out. So when Nick turns twenty-three, his mother, Molly (Lesley-Anne Down) phones and ask if he could visit her–in an insane asylum. He visits and while they are having a chat, she alludes to where he should look to find his “presumed dead” father.  Finding him may give him more information on his dark  gift. Nick’s best friend Ryan (Anthony Rey Perez) and his girlfriend Eve (Alex McKenna) goes with him to a mysterious house. What awaits them once they arrive is far more sinister than the drive it takes to get there.

The beginning of the film starts out slow, as expected, so do not expect much in the way of immediate excitement. There is no immediate interest in the characters. Nick, Ryan and the lone female character performances are not impressive. Now, as the story progresses more questions arise when the trio reaches the mysterious mansion.

They meet three mappers from the state Sam (Ethan S. Smith), Chris (Zack Ward), and Lilith (Lacey Anzelc). So far, another perhaps “normal” trio. They also meet Seth (Tobin Bell) and his merry band of ax-wielding psychos. Nick’s visions are what keep viewers on the edge to expect weird things to happen, and it works. The acting, well…it sucks. The games the angels and demons play get nasty and weirder once nighttime approach.

Props go to make-up and wardrobe. Impressive for a small budget production. That’s about it.

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Nick has the power to foresee how one will inevitable perish by simply touching them. He seeks the origin of his dark gift.

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