Dawnguard. The DLC.

Bethesda Softworks (May 31, 2012) – Many were expecting Bethesda to announce something awesome at E3 regarding The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim first DLC, beyond the tease of information that has been coming out lately. Since we did not have much to go on, we had to settle that anything new in the way of game modification would be nothing more than an add-on or patch; however, today all speculations were put to rest, Bethesda released a solid trailer, DAWNGUARD.

The DLC will center around the vampires that roam Skyrim, and it seems that they are trying to get their hands on an Elder Scroll in an effort to remain out in the sun–and this cannot happen. The only ones that would be able to stop them is an elite fighting force called the Dawnguard.

The trailer shows some amazing vampire transformations, new combat skills (the ability to attack while mounted), winged creatures, locations, and weapons There’s a lot going on in this trailer with promises of more details at E3!

DAWNGUARD will be available for the XBOX 360 for a mere 1600 Microsoft points this summer!

Source: Bethesda 

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