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DEADLY SWARM (2013) is in short, nothing unique. A B-film about killer wasps from Central America carelessly released into the human populace humanity by a clumsy evil scientist. It is a feature courtesy of the SyFy channel so expect campy and mundane acting performances, underdeveloped and poor character performances in a small town settings are nothing new. The best part of the movie are the CG killer wasps. There are no surprises here. Deadly Swarm is a conveniently predictable comedy-horror. Scratch that, it is not a comedy. There is nothing funny about getting stung by CGI wasps. However, the actors reactions to the wasp stings are!

Scientist Jacob Schroeder (J. Patrick McCormack) heads to Guatemala to harvest thousands of ancient wasps for research. He plans to use their venom to create a new medicine that can cure severe illnesses. However when the wasps reach the Mexican border to be smuggled into the US and freed. These little nasties head to a small village,  unfortunately, chaos succeeds for the local population. Luckily American entomologist Daniel Lang (Shane Brolly) and writer Sandra Kern (Karina Aufrane) are the only ones who can stop them.

At the start of the film Schroeder came off as a sympathetic individual who made a terrible mistake and  the wasps get out. However, he is your typical corporate bully in disguise who does not hesitate to threaten the native population to get his way. Again, the acting performances are to be desired, however, the acting extra that dons a tinfoil hat (and a toy lizard wrapped in aluminum foil) in the middle of the desert made for the best scenes in the entire film. He believes the wasps are insect invaders just waiting to “probe him,” and possibly his toy reptile. When the wasps some near his RV he stupidly fires his shotgun at them, shattering the glass and welcoming these swarming dandies to “sting” him to death. This is clearly the best scene in the movie.

Question: how is it possible for this killer wasps to survive being “trapped” in an open air ruin without escaping on their own for five centuries? There are a few inconsistencies presented throughout the movie. The ending is anti-climatic; however, there is something to see here. Deadly Swarm is perfect for an audience that enjoy watching and laughing along with these types of films. It is worth it for the laughs.

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Seeking a cure for his wife's illness, a scientist heads deep into a forbidden jungle in Guatemala, trapping thousands of killer wasps. Uh-oh.

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