DENNIS (2007) – Review

Kim Kold in Mads Matthiesen's DENNIS

Meet Dennis. He’s a beautiful guy.


Bodybuilder Kim Kold stars in Mads Matthiesen‘s short Dennis (2007) as the adorably shy main character, who’s Herculean appearance attracts attention everywhere he goes–whether he wants it or not. Matthiesen’s Dennis short film is the inspiration for his latest feature-length film Teddy Bear, as an expanded look at Dennis’ quest to find a girlfriend while dealing with the pressures of his controlling mother (Elsebeth Steentoft).

Dennis is a 38-year old body builder who has never had a relationship because of his mom; she refuses to let anyone become between her and her son. To keep Dennis at home, she compares him to his alcoholic father–how he is so much like him, and tells him how lonely she’d be if he were to leave her. Eventually, he gets the courage to call a woman named Patricia (Lykke Sand Michelsen) from the fitness center he frequents and ask for a dinner date. Patricia obliges and takes Dennis on an unexpected ride.

Dennis is Kold’s debut performance and reveals an enduring character whose only wish is for independence and be on the winning side of romance. Throughout the film, he demonstrates obvious awkwardness around women. You are amazed that he is timid although his appearance states the opposite. He has never been around many women romantically, and his timidness prevents him from getting to know people. It certainly did not help matters when his date seen him as a sort of outlet for their entertainment.

The relationship with his mother isn’t explored in depth; however, their issues mostly stem from his father. Whatever took place in the household must have affected his mother tremendously to the point where she’d restrict her son to house duties and bodybuilding competitions as a possible source of income. Dennis is a quiet character study that reflects the intimate concerning issues as the rest of us: searching for true love and personal freedom.


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When Dennis, an introvert bodybuilder, invites a local girl out on a date his mother is hurt and disappointed.

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