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disquiet /disˈkwī-it/ A feeling of anxiety or worry.

Disquiet (2011) evocative depictions of a mysterious, silhouette figure wandering through shadow filled terrains. The film is without a musical score, but there is a murmuring or rustling sound that echoes within the bleak tone fitting the barren environments. The short may appear to be depressing; however, it fits the theme of a sort of journey–a metaphysical passage through the mind.

The anonymous figure in Disquiet moves as if he or it is searching for something or someone–perhaps to find a way out of darkness. There is only a hint of light. The world absent of color. The shadow trapped within a deep state of depression. Maybe wandering in a dream or escaping a traumatic experience. Shuffling alone in longing and desire.

The walker exists as if in a subconscious metaphor; deserts, amidst tree trunks, and leaving footprints in the sand. The wide expanse of the deserts may represent the isolation it feels from the outside world.

While the figure strays from the dirt road it walks occasionally, it returns to the path; symbolizing the ups and downs of life. Even if, one goes astray, there always stands the option to return to the path towards the light. Some of the imagery is reused, and the cinematics aren’t specifically eye catching, however, the personal message the short may convey a path for personal awakening. Disquiet offers an optimistic message despite the solemn undertones–the path is always forward, steady, and constant.

SJ. Ramir, photographer, now filmmaker from New Zealand specializes in experimental films with lone figures moving across desolate locations across the world to convey a metaphysical message. Loneliness and isolation are popular themes in Ramir’s work to express hidden longings within humanity’s emotions such as struggling to find identity and somewhere to belong. His films have been screened at numerous international film festivals, including the International Film Festival Rotterdam, the 67th Venice International Film Festival and the 60th Melbourne International Film Festival (Ramir, 2012).

Source: Mubi

Ramir, S. (2012, August 14). Sj. ramir biography. Retrieved 2012, August 14 from http://www.ramirfilms.co.nz/index.php?page=biography

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The passage of an anonymous figure through a remote and desolate geographical environment becomes a metaphysical journey through landscapes of the mind. –MIFF

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