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Wes Craven, Dracula 2000

Yes. That is Gerard Butler.

Dracula 2000 is a film directed by Patrick Lussier and jointly written by Lussier and Joel Soisson. The film stars Gerard Butler (300), Justine Waddell (Chaos), Omar Epps (House M.D. TV series), Jonny Lee Miller (Trainspotting), and Christopher Plummer (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)), and is about a group of thieves breaking into a chamber–winding up releasing an ancient horror.

In the spirit of Halloween, I will roll out four film reviews about vampires. None of that Twilight bullsh*t–but four films that I’ve happened to come across because one–I never seen them, and two: since it is the Halloween weekend, what better film genre to feature than vampires, since I already have the zombies covered. Now its time to take a peek into the immortality genre. I will save you all the details that are featured in almost every Dracula film known–garlic, stakes through the heart, and the turning into wolves bit. Not to forget mentioning the ‘religious’ fog that seem to prevail in every vampire film I ever seen–for whatever reason.

It is 1892 and a ship washes ashore with its crew slaughtered. Leading away from the ship, wreckage, a set of footprints, and eventually, a shadow of a man steps out of the hallows in the streets of London. Fast forward to the year 2000 and a group of thieves rob an antiquity dealer’s vault because they believe he has mega riches in it. Instead, they found a silver coffin with an un-dead surprise inside.

To their surprise a couple of the thieves were impaled during the theft, however; aboard the get-a-way plane, Dracula (Butler) wakes up. A few bites here and there and he has for himself a few bumbling, failed one-liner minions. Luckily, they all die quickly. The plane crashes into the muddy bayou waters of the Mississippi, and in the meantime, the antiquities dealer i.e. Van Helsing (Plummer), has to go after the dreamy vampire (did I mention that Dracula is being played by Gerard Butler?). Following along with Van Helsing is his ‘seeing is believeing’ assistant, Simon (Miller).

Fast forward–New Orleans, its Mardi Gras season and Dracula is on the hunt for Mary (Waddell) whom is ‘blood of his blood,’ because her father, Van Helsing, was injecting himself with the blood of Dracula–via leeches–whom fed on Dracula’s body for over a century. How Van Helsing wound up with a daughter you might ask? Well the normal way. However, the ‘essence’ of the vampire was genetically transmitted into his daughter. So Mary was born with Dracula’s essence. As you might have already predicted–the two meet up and after a battle with Simon,  it’s revealed that Dracula was truly Judas Iscariot, the betrayer of Jesus, doomed not to die but walk the earth until the end–feeding on the blood of the living.

Well, enough of that.

Overall, the movie ‘sucked.’ I watched it only to see Gerard Butler as a vampire. That pretty much sums this review up.

Dracula 2000
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Review Summary:

Gerard Butler stars as a sensual blood sucker in Dracula 2000.

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