Pearry Teo‘s DRACULA: THE DARK PRINCE is another retelling of a retelling of the origins of the Dracula creature. This time, Dracula (Luke Roberts) errors in thinking that a pal of Van Helsing–you know, the vampire killer, is his long lost love. Too bad for Dracula who always seem to find women who are always surrounded by dangerous parties–and subpar movie appearances that should just leave the mystery to the storybooks. This modified rehash of the Prince of Darkness has a lot to be desired. However, I find just watching films like these and expecting the worse outcomes levels out the disappointment for watching. In the very least, you would be surprised if the film turned out better than you expected and maybe consider it a perk.


Dracula (Roberts) was once the great hero of Wallachia, saving his people from the onslaught of the Ottomans. While he was away, traitors to the throne murdered his beloved wife, caused him to forsake God and swear allegiance to the dark side. One hundred years later, a group of hunters led by Van Helsing (Jon Voight) attempt to put a stop to Dracula using the Lightbringer, a powerful staff once wielded by Cain. Dracula needs the weapon in order to possess ultimate power, but the hunter Alina (Kelly Wanham) proves to be a distraction for the revenge laden count because she looks a lot like his long ago lost love.

The film is a mix of two plots haphazardly woven together. On one side, there is the reincarnated lover aspect of the Dracula films recycled in nearly every vampire film–and the biblical aspect featuring a technologically advanced “ancient” staff of Cain and Abel’s thrown in to add the all too important historical backstory in an otherwise mediocre plot. However, the wardrobe and film sets are on point visually and at times make for some visually appealing scenes.

The negative: unimpressive action scenes, poor performances and poor special effects. What I can’t disagree with–choosing Luke Roberts to portray the “Dark Prince.” The guy looks great as an undead bloodsucker.

Indeed he does.

DVD Dracula – The Dark Prince special features include:

•  Cast Interviews
•  “Building the Castle” Featurette
•  Feature Commentary with director Pearry Teo

Cast interviews show the actors and actresses discussing the film, filming in Romania, the Dracula legend and their roles. “Building the Castle” is nothing really exciting; it just shows how the CG castle was designed and created.In addition, Dracula: The Dark Prince comes with an Ultraviolet code for streaming capabilities.

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Dracula crosses paths with a beautiful crusader named Alina who bears a remarkable resemblance to his murdered bride.

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