Bloody hell!


Jay Lee‘s ALYCE KILLS will take you on a gritty and bloody ride into a world of madness!  NEVER has there been a horror movie that I’ve seen quite like this. I do not think I would not ever want to again. The first couple of minutes establishes the troubled road viewers will travel with Alyce (Jade Dornfeld), and if you are brave enough, high psychological terror and gore–and nightmares–await. I should stress that this film is BRUTAL and an absolute “treat” for hardcore horror fans. Alyce Kills is proof that an independent horror can be both rich in character development and remain true to what makes horror movies a horror movie in the first place.

Alyce spends an evening out partying to escape the mundanes of her dead end job. However, this night out leads to disaster. Alyce “pushes” her best friend Carroll (Tamara Feldman) off the roof of an apartment complex. She lied to the police about the true cause of the incident of course. What can be worse than pushing your friend off a high-rise? The friend surviving the fall. The guilt of it forces Alyce into a downward spiral of drugs, sex and psychological turmoil.

What I instantly noticed about the movie is its well-chosen cast and selection of cast extras. An intense and believable performance from Dornfeld–her encounters with these seedy men who pick up lonely women in dimly-lit clubs; the ever reliable drug dealer with hell of a back story of his own. These are uncomfortably realistic examples of the human animal. I have to compare it to a very ADULT version of Alice in Wonderland.

This horror flick is not without an inconsistency. What was Alyce’s damn motivation to push her BEST FRIEND OFF THE ROOF? Should we blame the booze or the drugs? Perhaps the stress of work brought about the absolute worse in Alyce? Her successful descent into madness is disturbing. It is difficult to determine the exact terms of their relationship, but it does have hints of intimacy and jealousy. To include, I think it was f*ucked up that Caroll survived the fall.

Maybe I’m too much of a softy, but I have to STRESS that this movie is gory bloody. When Alyce gets mad, she is something or someone else entirely. Everyone around her is a target, and she has not an ounce of mercy. What a fantastically messed up feature.

Plain and simple.

Smoke if you got em. 

DVD special features for Alyce Kills include:


•   Behind the Scenes of Alyce Kills
Cast Interviews and
•  Theatrical trailer

The behind the scenes featurette explores just how scenes were organized and filmed–especially the bloody scenes. Cast interviews are brief yet insightful as five different people give their analysis of their characters, and what it was like to work with director Jay Lee.

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Alyce Kills
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Review Summary:

Alyce is haunted by guilt after killing her friend. Her mind tearing itself apart along with anyone else who gets in her way.

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