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History Channel‘s FEAR FILES will help viewers get into the spirit for the upcoming month of October by exploring supernatural elements familiar to the Halloween holiday: ghosts, haunted locales and vampires. Even the origins of Halloween are one of the high points in the series. There  is a total of three nerving tales examined on this intense 3-discs DVD collection. Perhaps you may have heard of poltergeists terrorizing modern-day families? Maybe you have also heard of modern-day vampire tales that are literally straight out of an Anne Rice Lestat novel. There are real believers of these claims. However, skeptics weigh-in on the existence of vampires, poltergeists, ghost, and how these fictional horrors came to life the turn of this century.FEAR FILES

The featured episodes focus on separate decades. “The Unexplained” is an episode on poltergeist and the real mystery surrounding them. “Vampire Secrets” is a lengthy exploration into the vampire myth, history and its influence on pop culture. Psychic vampire Michelle Belanger and other macabre individuals discuss the vampire lifestyle and the ever expanding vampire community. Belanger attempts to dispel the misconceptions and negative press surrounding the vampire lifestyle and people. “The Haunted History of Halloween” explore the modern traditions and history of Halloween dating hundreds of years from the Druids, Middle Ages and on into the 20th Century. It takes a “closer” look at Halloween and its more macabre traditions.

In all, the best of the episode series are “Vampire Secrets” and “Haunted History.” Both are most informative and are overall enjoyable to watch. The cinematography and special effects add to the stories chilling results. The paranormal experts and historians positively contributes to the program authenticity which makes the episodes more involved. Fear Files is in absolute treat for the upcoming Halloween holiday season. The episodes absolutely make for exciting television for the spookiest time of year. Believers and skeptics will enjoy closely examining the details of the series strange occurrences.

Fear Files horror/mysteries presents on 3-disc set, full screen format. DVD audio 2.0 Dolby Digital. Closed captions not available. Total series run time 180 minutes. TV-PG.

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FEAR FILES on HISTORY explores the paranormal, the bizarre and the history of some of man's more macabre traditions.

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