CBS’ PETTICOAT JUNCTION: THE THIRD SEASON is the light-hearted 60s sitcom starring featuring a rural family who owns The Shady Rest Hotel in the middle of two small towns near a railroad crossing. Creator Paul Henning infuses Petticoat Junction with the same friendly and inviting cast the same as his other hit television series The Beverly HillbilliesPETTICOAT JUNCTION THE OFFICIAL THIRD SEASON

Welcome to The Shady Rest Hotel where every day is full of fun-filled pleasantries. Follow Kate Bradley (Bea Benaderet) and her wonderful three daughters Billie Jo (Gunilla Hutton), Betty Jo (Linda Kaye Henning) and Bobbie Jo (Lori Saunders) as she operates their successful family hotel. Then,  at the same time, try to keep her daughters out all sorts of mischief involving local boys, school, and strange guests. Meanwhile, Uncle Joe (Edgar Buchanan) will not quit with his “get rich quick” schemes. All told Hooterville would not be the same without this jovial family there to stir the pot!

This is the first season of the program to be shown in color, and it must be said everything appears clear and vivid. Petticoat Junction features a wide range of personalities that entertain, including the Bradleys’ pet dog. The cast has great chemistry with one another and their costumes and the sets help to transport the viewer into a small country town. It is not just the characters themselves that manages to impress; it has the whole vibe of the program and the scenarios the characters encounter. Viewers who are fans of old sitcoms or The Beverly Hillbillies will immediately warm to the similar style of Petticoat Junction, and even though it may be from the 1960s, it should be given a shot even in the modern day.

Thirty-four hilarious episodes spread across five DVD discs in this WalMart exclusive collection. Disc specifications: presents in color full screen format. Dolby Digital audio in English with English SDH subtitles. Total series runtime 11-hours, 27 minutes.

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The small farming community of Hooterville provided the setting for this highly successful rural situation comedy.

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