DVD Review: ‘Anger Management’ Season One

Anger Management DVD Charlie Sheen Charlie Sheen stars as a non-traditional therapist specializing in “anger management.” It wasn’t that long ago when Sheen exited his before long running hit sitcom Two and a Half Men, and going on a highly memorable and highly publicized “tiger blood” tirade. We all have had our moments, so it is fitting that Sheen now has his own show that just may be in itself–therapy. There has never been any doubt of Sheen’s ability to perform in front of the camera despite his off-camera personality–but we still have to give credit where credit is due–the man can create an entertaining and likable character.

Sheen stars as Charlie  (which isn’t at all surprising in that all his  characters are named “Charlie”), as a not too overly complex anger management therapist who at times come off as not quite that manageable himself–he still has some issues of his own, and this is the magic that makes this show uniquely funny. This show isn’t as suggestive as Sheen’s prior series–in this one he is a dad and he is actually trying to help his clients get the help they need–even though he is trying to conquer his own short comings. This places his character in a position to be able to relate and be able to talk about the same or similar mistakes he has also made–he holds sessions with a group of inmates “pro bono” from the state prison.

Charlie isn’t alone in the series–as mentioned before he is the father of his 15-year-old daughter Sam (Daniela Bobadilla), who is trying to cope with obsessive compulsive disorder; and he has an ex-wife Jennifer (Shawnee Smith) with whom he is on good terms. In addition to Kate (Selma Blair) who is his detached “hook up,” and occasional therapist.

If you are going into this show comparing it to Sheen’s former Two and a Half Men–don’t. The two are not one in the same. Sure, the show has it’s noticeable flaws–at time the writing seems to try to hard to make funny and runs into the occasional tongue-in-cheek dry humor–Sheen at times seems to over talk himself–but overall, things come together very well in the end. It isn’t any wonder that FX renewed the series for an additional 90 episodes.

Charlie Sheen Anger Management series return January 17th 9/8c on FX.

Everyone deserves a 24th chance.

Season One DVD Review of ‘Anger Management’ courtesy of Lionsgate Home Entertainment. The 2-disc set includes all 10-episodes of the first season including special features.

DVD Special Features include:

  • Charlie’s Baby features interviews with Sheen and the cast including an interview with Bruce Helford, the series’ creator.
  • Behind the couch: Meet Charlie’s Patients features on-set interviews with the anger-impaired patients Charlie treats and the actors who play them, and 
  • Anger Management gag reel.

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Anger Management Season One
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Review Summary:

DVD Review of award-winning actor Charlie Sheen's new show 'Anger Management' only on FX.

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