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ARBITRAGE, LIONSGATE HOME ENTERTAINMENTNicholas Jareki‘s Arbitrage is an addition to the high finance, Wall Street world genre that features an A-list cast led by Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon, and Tim Roth. The film’s realistic portrayal of a corrupt billionaire (Gere) and the lengths he would go to protect his assets, to a peaceful, loving side to his character archetype through showing bits of compassion for their family–but is it genuine? The film follows the predictable set mold for infidelity and shady business deals; however, the main draw of this feature are the splendid acting performances.

Robert Miller (Gere) is a billionaire living in New York City running a successful hedge fund and preparing to sell his business for a pretty penny. However it doesn’t take long for his fraudulent activities to attract the attention of his business partner and daughter (Brit Marling) and an NYPD detective (Roth). A terrible accident occurs involving his mistress (Laetitia Casta) further motivating the detective pen Miller to his long list of crimes.

Gere’s character is fascinating and charming; his warm smile and mild manners are the perfect cover for his true nature. Miller claims to care deeply for his family, but his very activities threaten their lifestyle and have the potential to imprison them. In all, Miller is a likable character–in all his understandably deep, and deceptive nature. The deception doesn’t limit itself to Miller and his billion dollar enterprise–but to his associates, and even through to the New York Police Department doing whatever they can to catch Miller in the act. There are lines that blur right from wrong, which reveals the story complexities and faults that exist in both the financial and legal systems.

As stated before, the story content has been done before, making the film feel like a reboot version of Wall Street (1987), an unnecessary rehash of old ideas. The film slowly start to lose its appeal with drawn out situations and plot twists that suddenly renders itself “incomplete” near the end.

Overall, nothing remarkable to see here. It is just enough to create pleasant viewing experience.


The feature film debut from writer/director Nicholas Jarecki, Arbitrage continues to earn critical acclaim since its launch at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. Abundant with bonus content including behind the scenes featurettes, deleted scenes and writer/director commentary.

Special features for Arbitrage include:

  • Commentary with writer/director Nicholas Jarecki
  • “A Glimpse into Arbitrage” featurette
  • “Who is Robert Miller?” featurette
  • Deleted scenes with optional director commentary

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Review Summary:

After a hedge-fund magnate (Richard Gere) blurs the line between what is right and wrong, he is driven to desperate measures to protect something far more precious than his considerable fortune - his family.

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