GENE SIMMONS: FAMILY JEWELS: THE FINAL SEASON is A&E’s 7th and FINAL season of America’s favorite rock star family. A lot does happen in the well-packed, 3-disc collection leading up to the show’s conclusion: Gene and Shannon have finally tied the knot after nearly 30-years of being together, overcoming some serious trust issues with their relationship, Shannon wanting to adopt a child, and Nick attempting to move out of his home. There is love and support in those most antagonizing moments on television. To see the series come to an end is difficult, however, fans will be able to collect those fond memories of the show with the neatly organized 3-disc DVD set. GENE SIMMONS FAMILY JEWELS FINAL SEASON

Relationship troubles are the season openers. With the help of a marriage counselor, Gene and Shannon put in much needed “conference time” in order to re-build trust in their relationship. What happened?  Shannon discovered that Gene had phone numbers and Polaroid snapshots of women he has met throughout his touring years. To prove that Gene only have eyes for Shannon, he finally marries her after 28 years of being together. The season also embodies their challenges with their two children, Nick and Sophie.

Many serious topics are up for discussion this season, however, there is enough humor to go around and soften those tough moments. Nick’s search for an apartment is particularly entertaining. A bonus is that we get to see Sophie’s charitable nature explored in this season.

Episodes of the 7th and final season of Gene Simmons Family Jewels are a must see for all KISS fans and fans that are curious about the day to day lives of rock and roll royalty.


Gene Simmons Family Jewels – The Final Season 3-disc special features include 15-minutes of NEVER before seen footage. In addition to video extras from the couple’s trips to Africa and South America are shown, as well as the family’s reactions to Gene and Shannon finally “being together” on paper, adoption business and other entertaining occurrences throughout the season. The collection presents in 16×9 widescreen (1.33:1) presentation with English subtitles (SDH). DVD audio 2.0 Dolby Digital. Total feature run time 399 minutes. 

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The final season of A & E's FAMILY JEWELS with Gene Simmons and his family.

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