I LOVE LUCY ‘CHRISTMAS SPECIAL‘ is an iconic and one of the most beloved television shows in television history. CBS has kindly released a DVD of three episodes from the sixth season (original air date: 1956) both in black and white, but also in color. Beautifully remastered for DVD. The colorized episodes are a real treat. The Ricardos and Mertzes share memories of Little Ricky’s birth while decorating the tree on Christmas Eve in “The Christmas Show.” In another memorable episode, Lucy gains “grape stomping” experience for a famous Italian director in “Lucy’s Italian Movie.” Lucy dreams of visiting her family’s ancestral home of Kildoonan in “Lucy Goes to Scotland.” Check out each episode in its original monochrome presentation for that “old time” viewing experience, or in vivid color.I LOVE LUCY CHRISTMAS SPECIAL DVD

Lucille Ball’s comedic talents fill each episode with witty jokes and outstanding situational humor. There is a reason I Love Lucy conjures up fond memories for many people, and the program should be praised for having Ball’s real life husband Desi Arnaz as a main character in the 1950s. Their real life relationship gives the on-screen husband and wife role authenticity and is full of great chemistry. The two supporting characters, married couple Ethel (Vivian Vance) and Frederick Mertz (William Frawley), are equal participants in entertaining the audience.

The newly newly colorized versions of the rarely-seen Christmas Special. “I Love Lucy” has perhaps the broadest demographic appeal of any series in the history of television.

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This collection includes both colorized and black and white versions of legendary classic episodes including the Christmas Special.

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