DVD Review: Singer Jewel Kilcher in RING OF FIRE

Jewel is June Carter Cash in Lifetime’s RING OF FIRE


Lifetime Channel‘s RING OF FIRE explores the successful career and life of June Carter Cash and her rough marriage to the “Man in Black,” Johnny Cash. Singer, songwriter and poet JEWEL and actor Matt Ross star as June and Johnny respectively and provide great performances in their assigned roles, showing it is possible for the Lifetime channel to produce a film that isn’t overly dramatic or heavily campy. The Ring of Fire television biopic is based on son John Carter Cash‘s written biography of his mother, Anchored in Love, and although the made-for-television show lacks some of the personal stories from his mother about her life experiences before and during her relationship with Cash–the TV movie does a decent premiere for a Lifetime Channel film.

June Carter Cash’s life is explored from her early days as a young singer performing in The Carter Family band with her sisters, mother and uncle–to her eventful solo career, and marriage to Johnny Cash in 1968, including her experiences during their more tumultuous years of Johnny’s drug use, June’s other two marriages are also explored and her relationship with their son John Carter Cash.

Ring of Fire is a surprisingly good TV movie, and although there were some acting missteps, it was an overall pleasant. There are some warm and intimate moments, and actresses who appeared as June Carter for each developmental stage of her professional life  facilitate Carter’s engaging and charming persona. The larger portion of the film is the relationship between herself and Johnny Cash. Although three of the other children are from both June and Johnny’s previous marriages–John Carter was the only child featured in a state of prominence.

Actor Matt Ross’ appearance as Johnny Cash is impressive from the beginning to end–accent and all–even has great on-screen chemistry with Jewel. Though the film quickly depict the crucial aspects of June’s life, it is a recommended watch for fans of the country music duo.

It’ll do.

Ring of Fire special features include:


•   Biography®: Johnny Cash Bonus Documentary

The bonus documentary cover Cash’s life from his hard childhood on the family cotton farm in Arkansas, his stint in the Air Force where he was a Morse Code interpreter and meeting his first wife Vivian. Cash honed his musical with his brothers and developed his familiar persona over time. The extras in the featurette also include an impressive biopic about the “Man in Black” and his amazing achievements both in and out of the music business.

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Review Summary:

RING OF FIRE is a look inside of a volatile relationship seen through the eyes of their son, John, as well as profiling the woman who patiently supported one of country music's biggest stars even as she found her own idiosyncratic path to stardom.

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