DVD Review: ICE ROAD TRUCKERS – Season Six

SEASON SIX ICE ROAD TRUCKERSHistory Channel‘s Season Six of ICE ROAD TRUCKERS is filled with shots of harrowing icy landscapes, great challenges caused by remote destinations, extreme weather and tension between the veteran drivers and the ambitious rookies. Unfortunately, the rookies were the weaker links of Season Six–as they added to the annoyance aspect to the show. Ice Road Truckers is an opportunity to get into the lives of truckers and observe–at a safe distance–the risks involved with transporting heavy cargo that must arrive at its destination in an extremely limited amount of time and under some of the most strenuous terrains and weather conditions. While the latest cast members may wear down the interest factor, season six will still satisfy long time fans of the show and perhaps pick up some new ones.

Veteran drivers Hugh Rowland, Alex Debogorski, Rick Yemm, and Jack Jessee return in season six to compete with the three newcomers on the road–Darrell Ward, a local legend in Montana, Austin Wheeler, a baby-faced trucker with more skill than his age hints, and Ron “Porkchop” Magnum, the man from South Carolina determined to provide for his family. As the quest for oil in Canada reaches new heights, Carlile Transportation Systems prepares for their busiest season yet. Brand new roads will be crossed while the warm weather in Manitoba is the reason behind thin ice. Danger means big profits are to be made in the Great White North.

The competition between the drivers is high this season and was found to be the least compelling portion of the program. The rookie drivers performed with over confidence–Porkchop didn’t enjoy criticism and expected everything to be similar to his native South Carolina. Refusing to adapt to his surroundings, Porkchop was without a doubt the weakest link among the rookies. Drama and conflict are supposed to draw the viewer to the program; instead a good portion of the cast in Ice Road Truckers are more a hindrance to the product than a positive.

How far north the drivers drove as well as witnessing the fluctuations in weather were a highlight, and although rough, appreciation can be taken in the beauty of the Alaskan and Canadian terrain during the winter time.

Damn good show.

Season Six ICE ROAD TRUCKERS DVD special features include:


•  Thirty minutes of bonus footage never before seen on television

The bonus footage, like the episodes, are spread out across four disks. The personal motivations behind why the truckers work in such conditions are revealed, as well as Austin’s personal tours of his temporary housing, and truck are showcased. Drivers take the cameras on shopping tours to pick up supplies and show what is necessary to bring out on the road for quick repairs and sleeping bags that can resist the cold temperatures.

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Review Summary:

Veteran drivers Hugh, Alex, Rick and Jack compete with three newcomers to battle the farthest reaches of the North American continent.

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