Every cookie has a mission: To help girls do great things.


The Hallmark Channel presents Smart Cookies, a fish out of water story about a Realtor who becomes the head of a misfit troop of Girl Scouts. It is a charismatic family movie; the young cast interaction with their adult troop leader is just adorable. This is a winning family film, and specifically geared towards young girls and their mothers. What is most impressive about the film is that it gives young girls a great message about individuality, teamwork, and friendship.

Julie Sterling (Jessalyn Gilsig) is a hardworking career woman with not much time for her social life. When her boss signs her up to be a Girl Scout troop leader for 90 days in order to appeal to a larger company wishing to merge with their small town real estate business, Julie is reluctant at first. She begins to warm up to the girls and inspire them to realize their uniqueness and outshine a rival troop, but most of all, she helps to lift their self-esteem, confidence, and gives them–and herself–the gift of true friendship and cooperation.

The essential part of this film are Troop 114 “the Fireflies,” led by Juile and tiny co-captain Daisy (Bailee Madison). Each girl has her own distinct personality and are very likable, and these quirks make for a great and diverse team of people. Ty Olsson makes an appearance as Julie’s headbutting love interest, contributing to the already well-rounded cast. It must be said there were some ridiculous parts, such as Gilsig’s character arriving to a river clean up in a business suit and heels.

Smart Cookies is a feel good film and handles this very well. There are no complex plot points, and the characters are pretty standard for a Hallmark film, and there’s a high amount of predictability. But will the young and elder female demographic enjoy it? Absolutely.

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Smart Cookies
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A high-maintenance realtor forced to do community service must lead a group of hopeless girl scouts in the regional cookie drive competition.

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