DVD Review: Pacino, Walken, Arkin in STAND UP GUYS

They’re going out with a bang!


STAND UP GUYS is an insatiably hilarious gangster drama from Director Fisher Stevens featuring Al PacinoChristopher Walken and Alan Arkin as retired ex-gangsters who reunite for one unforgettable evening–with one of their friends keeping quiet on a dangerous secret. However, though teeming with one-liners and “old-timer” jokes–including a bit about Val (Pacino) and his impotence issues–they visit an old brothel where their “favorite” madam has long retired–regardless, these old gangsters want to party. Geritol or no.DVD STAND UP GUYS

Val (Pacino) just served 28-years in prison protecting his friends. After 28-years, we learn later that he botched up a job that killed crime lord Claphands (Mark Margolis) son. After 28-years, it is natural for a guy to want to party. So Doc (Walken) meet up and immediately head to a brothel–which requires some incentive (Viagra)–feel free to cringe, I did. Still, there is something going on between Doc and Val that undermines their eventful evening, and it is not good. Meanwhile, Richard (Arkin) join in for a night of excess–which would have been a lot more favorable had he not forgot about his oxygen mask.

The great thing about this movie is the acting talent. With Academy Award® winning actors Pacino, Walken and Arkin there are no worries about either “over-reacting” or “over-acting.” There are clean transitions in comedic moments, dialogue and drama. The only qualm I have about Stand Up Guys, the film is trying to be in too many places–one too many sub-plots to be a succinct movie. The theme of aged ex-gangsters bringing their varied personalities eventually clash. On one bit, there is too much comedy to balance the hard-lined drama aspect of the overall story. However, this is not to state that this is a “bonk” combination of theatrics–the action laden scenes work well. Just don’t expect the climatic events to be appeasing.

Overall, what you get are solid performances and excellent laughs. Just don’t expect the story to meld well with the intended character drama.

Worth checking out. 

Stand Up Guys DVD special features include:

•  American Muscle: The Stand Up Driving scenes featurette – checkout the storyboards comparison to the finished car chase scenes.
•  The Lowdown On Making Stand Up Guys featurette – cast and crew interviews.
•  The Stand Up Songs Of Jon Bon Jovi featurette – Just the artist Jon Bon Jovi discussing his musical contributions to the film.
•  Audio commentary with Director Fisher Stevens – the director talks about the film themes and production.
•  Deleted scenes

The single disc DVD set include a redemption code for the iTunes and UltraViolet digital copies. English 5.1 Digital Audio • Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio • English and Spanish subtitles.

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STAND UP GUYS starring Academy Award winners AL PACINO, CHRISTOPHER WALKEN and ALAN ARKIN as Three ex-gangsters reunite for one unforgettable evening.

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