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A&E‘s Storage Wars is available to own in a 2-disc collection. Spanning 16-episodes, fans of the popular treasure hunting program can relive the great finds and adventures of the storage warriors contained in Volume 4. Those who have never seen Storage Wars may find the DVD collection to be entertaining and introduce them into the popularity of the program. It’s really interesting to see what these modern day treasure hunters find in the sometimes packed to the top storage units and watching as members of the Storage Wars cast rummage through it’s contents to determine the worth of the contents inside. 

The main buyers:  Barry Weiss, Jarrod Schultz, Brandi Passante, Darrell Sheets and Dave Hester are extremely likable personalities and are keenly competitive of each other. Everyone’s goal is to score the best and most profitable storage units. They compete with the other unit buyers in California in an auction process (hosted by husband and wife duo Dan and Laura Dotsonof abandoned storage units. The winner then look through their purchased unit and determine the worth of the items inside. Storage unit hunting is similar to gambling–one never knows if their investment will be a great find or a total bust.

The first remarkable element of Storage Wars is the fact that anyone can buy an abandoned storage unit in the state of California. Second, the adrenaline rush the buyers obviously get trying to speculate what is actually in those packed units. Some of the items aren’t the most appealing at first glance, but when the monetary value of the lot is calculated makes up the nerve-wrecking drama aspect of the show. Lastly the cast members themselves are a great addition to the program with their well-rounded personalities, charm and buying tactics. Watching them compete with each other is super entertaining and viewers at home can easily find themselves rooting for their favorite cast member.

Overall, Storage Wars Vol. 4 is an entertaining collection. Definitely worth checking out.

Storage Wars Vol. 4 special features include:

  • 40-minutes of bonus footage never before seen on TV

If you take a peek at the back cover of the DVD, it is noted that there is approximately 40-minutes of extras footage. However, it rounds up to approximately 13-minutes divided into 11 segments. Each segment shows a little more about the lives of the buyers featured in the show, why they like to go to auctions and some funny stories about their experiences in the storage auction subculture. The segments featuring Barry Weiss reveal some of the unique pieces in his vast collection, including a chrome decko-liner with round windows.

Image source, series synopsis courtesy of A&E and Lionsgate Home Entertainment. All rights reserved.

Storage Wars
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A&E's #1 series of all time returns with 16 all-new exciting high-stakes episodes! Storage Wars delves deeper into the lives of modern day treasure hunters.

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