DVD Review: Swamp People: Season 3

SWAMP PEOPLE SEASON 3History ChannelSwamp People is a unique and exciting program filled with alligators and people who hunt them in the bayous of southern Louisiana for profit. Viewers are front and center in the lives of the hunters, and the dangers they face during the highly regulated hunting season. Although there are plenty of reality shows on television, Swamp People brings a slight educational factor by the hunters giving the audience rundowns of how they hunt, their favorite spots, and how much their catch is worth. Even if reality television isn’t a viewing preference, the third season of Swamp People will prove intriguing to watch.

Alligator hunting on the bayou is a tradition over three hundred years in the making for hunters in Southern Louisiana to this day. Hunting season for alligators begins on the first Wednesday of September and lasts for a short thirty days. Each hunter is assigned a certain number of tags to comply with strict hunting laws. The tags must be attached to each kill, and once the tags run out, the hunters are no longer allowed to search for more catches. Many hunters earn a substantial amount of their income through alligator hunting and enjoy what they do–despite the ever present danger of their tradition.

22-episodes spanned across six discs will give fans and the newly acquainted viewers plenty of thrills and insight. The cast members are real Cajun hunters who clearly have years of experience under their belts, passed down to them. Some work together as family while others are good friends. There is also rough competition between outsiders cutting off lines, and going within the boundaries of other hunters and territory isn’t always respected. There are subtitles for the dialogue featuring the unique Cajun accents of the hunters, and honestly the best part of the show’s appeal are the accents.

Swamp People is a realistic portrait of Cajun hunting life in Southern Louisiana.

SWAMP PEOPLE: Season 3 remarkable footage includes:

  • 30 minutes of bonus footage – never before seen on TV

The extra featurettes reveal more about the personal lives about some of the hunters and their other occupations. To make extra income, building makeshift boat garages, picking moss from old trees and farm work are  done. Catching crab and having a seafood boil with family members is shown to be a popular way to end a day of hard work in the bayou.

Image, synopsis and trailer courtesy of The History Channel. All rights reserved.

Swamp People Season 3
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Review Summary:

It’s no guts, no gator in Season 3 of the popular HISTORY series. The bayou boys and their burly crews are back alongside an all-female team, sharpshooters and an ever-increasing hunger.

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