DVD Review: Touched by an Angel: The Eighth Season

CBS’ Touched By an Angel: The Eighth Season, is the latest DVD release of the long running series beginning in 1994. The series itself is presented from a Christian perspective, but its inspirational messages and great episode plots make for a positive television experience. Both fans of the program and those watching it for the first time can enjoy each episode regardless of personal beliefs and perspectives.TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL THE EIGHT SEASON

Season eight features the return of long time cast members Roma Downey, Della Reese, and John Dye as angels Monica, Tess, Andrew. Newcomer Valerie Bertinelli joins as Gloria, an angel recently created by God, to learn about humans and what it means to be an angel from the group. The four of them mend broken families, protect those in need, and guide people a step closer to their dreams.

As simple as the premise may seem, the individual plots for the episodes can range from romantic relationship issues to abused children; humor and endearing interaction is interwoven with scenes of intense drama and suspense. So much happens in a single episode that it’s hard to be indifferent towards the well-written stories. The cast members themselves have distinct and loving personalities and really are suited for roles as angels. “Young” Gloria is bound to be an easy favorite for new viewers because of her inquisitive, child-like nature, despite being an adult woman physical appearance wise. Many celebrities such as Luther Vandross, Neil Patrick Harris, and Phyllicia Rashad make guest appearances as characters in different episodes, enhancing the quality of the show.

It’s no wonder Touched By an Angel was on the air for almost a decade and with a mostly consistent cast. Everything just works without being overbearing. A series that delivers high quality storytelling for all audiences.

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TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL: THE EIGHT SEASON DVD returns to this touching series following the inspirational adventures of Monica, a young earthbound angel.

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