WWII FROM SPACE DVDThe History Channel‘s WORLD WAR II FROM SPACE is an unique 90-minute documentary that allows viewers an “all-seeing” view of the world’s most crucial moments of the most tremendous war experienced on the planet. The re-creation of the central moments of WWII that would not be possible if not for the use of modern CGI technology and graphics. The documentary successfully illustrates events never caught on camera magnifying war’s monumental moments offering a better understanding of how a nation ranked 19th militarily (1939) in the world–emerged 6-years later as the world’s only atomic superpower. The events of WWII continue to be a captivating subject of study, and its retelling of events on the DVD are made easier to understand. Perhaps more attention grabbing than a 90-minute lecture on the same topic.

The cinematics are an experience within itself. The high quality graphics navigates 90-minutes of historical tidbits including battle strategies and statistics regarding the most impacting war in human history. The digital globe puts war into a unique perspective, depicting where the confrontations took place and how maneuvers were executed. The unity between America, Britain and the Soviet Union to win the war are mentioned, however, not in specificity. The documentary includes commentary from former and current military officers to assist in explaining the content graphics and battle strategies.  World War II From Space may be a decent documentary for WWII enthusiasts and memorabilia collectors to consider checking out.

Do not expect this release to be a historically all-inclusive, in-depth perspective of WWII. The documentary only grazes the significant issues and conflicts of WWII–Pearl Harbor, the Soviet involvement in expelling Nazi troops, D-Day, the Pacific War, etc. Economic, the politics of war, and the wars overall societal impacts are mostly neglected. In addition to not including detail of the wars key political figures (Patton, MacArthur, etc.) involvements.

The excessive use of montages “entertain” rather than inform. In the end, recounting the battles during World War II in a visually appeasing, CGI perspective reveal interesting incidences of conflict. However, the over reliance on CGI and visual effects mimic’s a “video game” atmosphere and just not enough pertinent information to sustain an entire 90-minute program.

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WWII From Space
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This two-hour HISTORY special uses an all-seeing CGI eye that offers a satellite view of the conflict, allowing you to experience it in a way that places key events and tipping points in a global perspective.

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