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Body of music = Body in motion

Arnaud Ganzerli Electronic Performers – The body is a magnificent thing. Sound, thought, and feeling can connect every nerve in every aspect of the body in record time. Think of the body as a computer–information is transmitted through a fantastic network of muscle, nerves, and the brain is there to process it all. Now, set these functions to music and feel its results. The animated project Electronic Performers is a journey that follow a warm vibration through the body.

It starts out very simple, with lines fluctuating like those on a heart monitor. Then, the lines begin to transform into cells, cells turn into chromosomes and into interactions with the nervous system, where the vibration sprouts, mimicking the growth of trees spreading their branches. Observing this travel allows one to appreciate seemingly basic functions our bodies accomplish every second. Amazingly, the movement of the vibration could be compared to space travel aside from nature. There are scenes in the animation where the vibration travels upward into an expansive space, similar to how a rocket launches to meet the stars. The vibration is then compressed into a single light shooting down a thin tube; imagery akin to a shooting star moving across the night sky.

Music and visuals.

Electronic Performers

Air is the lounge-ambient track that plays throughout the presentation. The rhythm Air changes according to the pace of the vibration–pulsing during fluctuations, free-flowing during the expansion phases. The music aids the flow with the scenery. Monochrome is the predominant color palette in Electronic Performers. While not the most exciting choice, it fits the progressing first few minutes.

The last moments of the short are perhaps the most thoughtful, depicting how the vibrations within one being can affect another. Vibrations spread to affect life–positively or negatively. In this case, the warmth is shown spreading throughout a life form developing, readying itself for birth. The host of this life is creating warmth to sustain the existence of the one that dwells within.

Such simple operations within the bodies are seen as beautiful.

Source: Mubi

Electronic Performers
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Does feeling have a physical representation? This video is the story of a feeling represented by a warm vibration spreading all over the body. –autour de minuit

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