David Cage and Ellen Page Discuss ‘Beyond: Two Souls’

Ellen Page in Playstation's BEYOND TWO SOULS
PlayStation Blog (July 19, 2012) – At Comic Con, game developing company Quantic Dream released a trailer for their latest project Beyond Two Souls. Actress Ellen Page (Juno) stars as the protagonist Jodie Holmes, a female of 15 years with mysterious psychic powers. As long as she could remember, Jodie had been in telepathic contact with an entity by the name of Aiden. The title’s plot surrounds what happens to humans after death, and if there is an afterlife as the foggy relationship between the two characters is investigated.

Quantic Dream has been in business since 1997 and was responsible for the hit Heavy Rain (2010). Beyond‘s game mechanics will be similar to that in Heavy Rain players will have to choose between several options that will affect the outcome of the game. Page personally expressed how astounded technology for gaming has come since she last indulged in the scene during the 90s.

“I was so blown away and so moved, truly moved, by what they have created and the world they had created, the scope of the technology and the beauty of the game”

Two Souls feature beautiful motion capture technology and detailed facial expressions, setting a new standard for other companies in the long run. In the roughly twelve minute interview posted below, Quantic Dream founder and president David Cage and Page discuss some behind the scenes details involving the creation of the game. Cage explains no other individual in his mind could have fit the role of Jodie more perfectly than Page, who was also modeled the likeness of the actress. Page also voices for the Jodie character.

In Beyond: Two Souls you will experience the most striking moments of Jodie’s life as your actions and decisions determine her fate. You’ll also be able to take full control of both Jodie and the entity in spectacular action and adventure scenes. And as Jodie traverses the globe, you will face incredible challenges in emotionally charged events never before seen in a video game.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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