Austrailian Comedy WebSeries ‘In Transit’ – Review

In Transit, "The Boys"

Meet “The Boy’s” of In Transit

Maddy Butler, Thulaisi Sivapalan‘s In Transit is an Australian comedy web series about a group of twenty-somethings trying to navigate their next steps in life. The hilariously addictive web series features four men navigating existential crisiswhether it be terrifyingly new occupations or marriage–to progress on their future paths. Will they sink or swim?

Caesar (John Gomez Goodway) has worked in corporate world for years in a standard office job, but now wants to pursue his biggest dream: acting. Only problem is, he doesn’t seem to possess the motivation to overcome his laziness–and his auditions are insulted when he exits them. Matt (Nicholas Richard) is readying himself to marry his girlfriend of six years. Although happy, he is nervous about starting this new and big chapter in his life. Arj (Thulaisi Sivapalan) is a go-getter in the corporate world and enjoys the stability his career provides. He believes that Caesar should continue his office job in the name of “security.” Marcus (Alex Millwood) is the easy-going freeloader of the group; still living at home and unemployed. He is used to a life of privilege, money, and comfort.

The character of In Transit has great chemistry. The series is filmed in the aspect of “real time,” and is amazingly produced. The first episode mainly Caesar,  who wants to take a life gamble and become an actor. So he drops everything to pursue his life-long dream. Not to sure if he was successful in his audition with a pair of foul-mouthed casting directors.

Caesar’s friends are progressing along in their careers, and each will experience their own existential crisis moments. Part of In Transit‘s charm is that the show is immediately addictive! You will want to watch the entire season in one go!

Be sure to follow the entire series on Youtube on the official In Transit channel, on Twitter, and Facebook.

Highly recommended.

In Transit
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Review Summary:

"In Transit" is an Australian comedy web series created by Butler and Sivapalan about a group of twenty-somethings navigating existential crisis.

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