Not so small a world after all.


The surreal horror ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW (2013) is the debut feature by writer-director Randy Moore. Filmed on the sly at both Walt Disney Worlds’s in Orlando and California. “Escape” is about Jim (Roy Abramson), a husband and father who has found out that he had lost his job while on vacation in Disneyland. In an attempt to conceal the bad news from his family, he maintains kept the illusion of happiness. During which, Jim suffers a series of disturbing psychological setbacks. Viewers expecting anything beyond Escape‘s initial subversive appeal may find themselves disappointed. There isn’t enough interesting material to justify the film’s lengthy runtime. ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW

Jim wants his family to enjoy their vacation, but he is finding it difficult to enjoy it. While on perhaps the happiest train ride in Disneyland, Jim experiences intense visual disturbances. The unextraordinary, smiling anthropoid robots sneer and laugh at Jim. He encounters princesses and fairies that are nothing more than harlots and call girls. All the while and Jim tramps senseless around the park, and not careful about where his children had run off to. Jim’s wife also suffers by wondering what all is happening to her husband and her marriage as Jim flirts with a couple of young women at the pool.

The monochrome production of the film provides a subtle, almost macabre aspect to the movie and is well done. Yet, it fails to gain any momentum nor does it offer a clear message. I mean, what’s the point of all this? Even the acting performances were less than compelling.

Too bad the film is of no more interest other than how it was made.

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ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW (2013) is Randy Moore's directorial debut that dissects the mythology of artificial perfection while taking on our culture's obsession with mass entertainment.

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