Rob Lieberman‘s EVE OF DESTRUCTION (2013) is the second film in the Doomsday 5 two part Series on the Reelz Channel. It proceeds in the familiar format of its predecessor, Ring of Fire, with the only variation being the different actors and premise. The feature presents in two parts with the first half introducing tepid characters and their current life dramas. In the second half of the film, the dramatic sequences begin to unfold. What you get is standard “disaster” movie appeal with an environmental premise. The details about this environmental disaster do not clarify itself, so it is difficult to follow. It is quite excruciating to sit through due to banal dialogue and repetitive scenery causes it to be tiresome. To give credit where credit is due–the special effects and CGI are decent, and the filming locations are plausible, however, just not enough of the much needed scientific substance and research for entertainment.


To have access to unlimited energy, scientists Karl Dameron (Steven Weber) and Rachel Reed (Christina Cox) plan to drill a hole into the universe. Eco-terrorists P53 attempting to prevent the experiment, but a freak accident occurs and now a dark energy black hole threatens to destroy the planet.

Now for a bit about “Eve’s” character performances: Ruslan (Aleks Paunovic), the Russian lineman working in Lhitiska some fifteen years ago, was originally the best part of Eve of Destruction in the first few minutes of the film due to his loving nature as being a good father and husband. However even this character became uninteresting eye-rolling content. Whatever this P53 is–it is a public service ripoff, right down to their video messages about corporations and their effect on the planet and the daily lives of humanity. Karl’s teenage daughter Ruby (Jessica McLeod) becomes involved with one of the members of the group because of hostile feelings toward her father and his experiment, but these interactions confuse the plot even more.

Drilling a hole into the universe sounds as difficult as it is ridiculous, reminding viewers of the sketchy science that was also present in Ring of Fire. Perhaps a little better than the made for SyFy features in terms of acting ability–to say the least.

Redbox rental worthy.

The Blu-Ray presents in an impressive 1.78:1 1080p AVC and DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1. Regardless of the films content–it didn’t have a low budget appeal to it. The specifics in cinematic detail are impeccable. The audio at times are a little choppy and are frequently muddled in some scenes–varying from low to high pitch.

 Eve of Destruction special features include:

•  Sneak Peek – Cat. 8

Cat. 8 is another film in this series on the Reelz Channel, this time about a plan to harness the solar flares of the sun as a defense mechanism against space debris and hostile nations. A beam is shot at the sun to trigger the solar flares, but then the machine malfunctions and causes an X-flare. The sneak peek is only a few minutes long, but it gives the viewer a good idea of the film’s quality–not so good.

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Eve of Destruction
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EVE OF DESTRUCTION Scientists drill a hole in the universe to harvest a limitless pool of 'dark energy', but the experiment goes horribly wrong and wipes an entire city off the map.

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