Michael Robison‘s EXPLODING SUN is one more disaster film from the Reelz Network, and although it is less of a strain to sit through than its predecessor Eve of Destruction, that does not negate the absurdity of this film’s plot nor its highly unlikable cast. Nothing works in this film and the science featured is incorrect to put it lightly. The special effects featured have made a vast improvement the earlier Reelz doomsday films, however, it does very little to satisfy if the film cannot hold interest. Like the other chapters in this series, audiences will not miss much if they decide to pass it up.

An experimental and brand-new spacecraft on a mission to space and carrying on board a diverse crew of passengers, including the First Lady of the United States (Jane Wheeler) to travel from Earth to the moon in only hours. Unfortunately, the scalar engines become affected by a CME (whatever that is) from the sun and cause the craft to go haywire in space en route. The craft then is on a crash course with the sun and the engines create a chain reaction where continuous solar flares would destroy all life on the planet. It is up to a conflicting astronaut-scientist duo to save the world.

From the beginning of the series,  it is obvious that the two main male characters–hero astronaut Don Wincroft (David James Elliot) and head NASA scientist Craig Bakus (Anthony Lemke)–do not like each other. To include, are the two worst characters in Exploding Sun. Their constant exchanges (i.e. bickering) get annoying fast, and Bakus’ overbearing personality makes for a very stale character interest. Of course, involved in a love triangle with Cheryl Wincroft (Natalie Brown), who works for the President and married to hero astronaut Don–but first married to scientist Craig. The results: one of the most easily overdone plot twists used to create unnecessary drama in an attempt  to develop interest in the characters.

The other issue with Exploding Sun is “sun” itself. Solar flares always happen, and they do not cause spaceships to fall out of the sky or crash into the sun. Considering the sun’s immense size, heat and age, it is impossible to believe a single spacecraft would cause a supernova reaction large enough to destroy the Earth–faux movie science at its worse.

Okay, to be somewhat fair, Exploding Sun is enjoyable to pick apart the inconsistencies in plot and science and not much else.

EXPLODING SUN special features include:

•  Cast Interviews for David James Elliott, Julia Ormond, Anthony Lemke, Natalie Brown, Alexander Weiner

Exploding Sun is a Blu-ray disc DVD and will show brilliantly on any television or computer monitor. Clear and crisp visual quality brings out the beauty of the character costumes and sets with the audio being easy to understand without the use of subtitles. The soundtrack in the film is enhanced by the wonderful quality of the disc’s audio capabilities.

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A solar flare four times larger than Earth plunging toward the planet--the end of humanity has begun.

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