Falling Skies, The battle is just getting started!

TNT Falling Skies, Noah Wyle
TNT Falling Skies – Every time that I see a new trailer for Falling Skies, it appears more interesting than the last one. In it, the cast discuss more of what is coming in season two: in the season finale, Mason (Noah Wyle) boards an alien spacecraft in the hopes of finding out more about his son. His decision proves dire as the rest of the resistance remains in a fight for their lives and it looks like all of our favorites will be back as well. Pope (Colin Cunningham) is back and he seems that he will be playing a greater role this second season. Weaver (Will Patton) is still fighting strong against the resistance and his job isn’t getting any easier.

Also, it looks as if the special effects team went into overdrive to give viewers impressive sci-fi CGI animations and graphics! This season’s premiere of Falling Skies will open immediately after the chaotic aftermath of an alien attack, which has left the world pretty much incapacitated. The few remaining survivors banded together and began the extremely difficult task of fighting back.

Falling Skies. Catch all the drama. Wherever. Whenever.

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