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Never trust a stranger, friend.

Tyler ShieldsFINAL GIRL (2015) is an amusing attempt at the well-established 80s slasher horrors cognate of the Friday the 13th horror film franchise sans an ax-wielding maniac in a hockey mask. Instead, we have a group of four attractive young men, passive aggressive slasher-wannabes who enjoys stalking or “hunting” and killing young women in the near blackness of the forest–all while impeccably dressed. If you are in the mood for an uninteresting and unvarying form of entertainment, then Final Girl is perfect cinema elect.FINAL GIRL 2015 -KEY ART-FINAL

Wes Bentley as “William,” the no holds barred, no nonsense combat trainer of at first, “Veronica,” a young girl unaffected by the recent death of her parents. Fast forward to the now, where Veronica is very grown up (Abigail Breslin), and progressing in training–she learns how to brave the frigid elements, and how to deliver an effective chokehold. Meanwhile, the tuxedo killers’ ringleader, Jameson (Alexander Ludwig) is busy wooing their next victim for a deadly trip into the forest. Predictably, Veronica meets and knowingly turn the tides on Jameson and his sadistic crew of merry men, the movie cannot deviate from the ill-founded plot to make even its climax remotely engaging.

Final Girl‘s fight scene choreography renders unconvincingly; the forest setting is overwhelmed by blindingly inappropriate backlighting of unknown origin. Breslin does well during the non-combat scenes in the film, however, fails to impress during the most practical aspects of the script. “Veronica” is awkward, even clumsy during the fight scenes between her character and the men set out to kill her. The character who stood out the most, “Danny” (Logan Huffman), as the insane ax-wielder is insatiable, artful, and would be even charming if he wasn’t a damn schizo.

Overall, Final Girl is mainly repetitive and unsurprising regardless of it containing the necessary components to make this a well-deserving horror flick. It is in its execution, perhaps more importantly, its choice of heroine makes viewing an insufferable calamity.

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A group of charismatic yet sadistic boys who every night, trick a young, blonde girl into meeting them for a date with the intention to hunt and kill her.

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