Kimberly Chapman’s ‘Finding Gaia’ – Review

Kimberly Chapman, FINDING GAIA

An intriguing tale of romance and plant powers.

Finding Gaia is not your average romance tale; it involves immortality, unique nature altering powers, and two lovers who have experienced the extreme polarities of the human race. There are bits of romance, intimacy, and action as the pair and their allies come face to face with evil researchers, jealous outsiders, and haunting memories gathered through the centuries.

Jason Truitt (born Jason Moore) is the handsome CEO of Gaia Global, an environmental corporation composed of research facilities and eco-friendly businesses. His closest associates, Trish Merewald and Don Hobart, are a husband and wife team who serve as the chief technology officer and chief scientist respectively. Trish is an aggressive feminist from a dysfunctional family who means well with her coarse words. Don is her kind, food-loving husband who is passionate about work and is frequently seen in the glow of a computer screen. Not only are they the finest members of his staff, but they also serve as Jason’s friends–the only two in the world who know of his secret abilities.

Anna Yale (born Rosanna Yale) never had an easy life. Over hundreds of years, she lived through tremendous events that no ordinary person could endure. Deeply traumatized by her experiences, she would take refuge in isolated places only to re-emerge with a new identity to prevent arousing suspicion. Anna, like Jason, is immortal and immune to all diseases. However, there is one talent that sets her apart from him–she can manipulate vegetation. Usually harmless items such as seeds and vines can become deadly weapons under her control. Thankfully (for the most part), Anna practices the virtues of humility and forgiveness and will not act on her emotions.

First and foremost, there are aspects of Finding Gaia that are NSFW, and are a bit mature for younger readers. There’s quite a bit of language in the story–but not so offensive that it takes away from it. It makes the dialogue realistic. Aside from that there were few things I felt were a bit rushed in the story; such as Anna attempting to overcome one of her rather horrid experiences that affected her romantic progression with Jason.

On the plus side, Anna’s control over vegetation was intriguing to follow, and I admired how she perceived the glories of nature. To feel the life that streams through plants and trees seems to be a beautiful connection. Watching Anna progress from being a badly bruised individual was rewarding, and I enjoyed a good percentage of the exchanges between her and Jason. Their old-fashioned ways were adorable at times, frustrating at others–but understandable due to the perceived atmosphere of the tale.

Finding Gaia was received as a courtesy for review and is available for purchase at Gumroad, Smashwords and Amazon.

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Finding Gaia
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Wealthy, handsome Jason Truitt appears to have it all: he runs an international conglomerate of environmental businesses and research facilities, he lives in a luxurious mansion…and he can’t die. But his uncanny health and failure to age keep him distanced from normal human life. For over a century he’s been searching for the one other person on earth he suspects is afflicted with the same condition. Like him, she has lived under many different names to keep her immortality secret, so in honour of her supernatural ability to induce plant growth by thought alone, he thinks of her as Gaia.

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