Not everyone’s favorite holiday.


Edward BurnsTHE FITZGERALD FAMILY CHRISTMAS is not a an overly emotional Hallmark holiday film. The family featured in the film is quite relatable to real people and does not have the campiness of other films that share the holiday genre. It is a family film, but with a very mature aspect and tone. Emotional and truthful, The Fitzgerald Family Christmas discusses family bonds, healing old wounds and overcoming personal challenges. Despite how the familiar plots are thrown together to create tension–they all have very simple resolutions.
The Fitzgerald Family Christmas DVD

Gerry Fitzgerald (Edward Burns) is the eldest child of his family. Responsible for helping his mother Rosie (Anita Gillette) take care of his other six siblings since his father Jim (Ed Lauter) abandoned the family twenty years ago, Gerry now wants to reunite him with everyone. However, this idea will not go over with the group so easily. It is up to Gerry to get all of his brothers, sisters, and mother together under the same roof with their estranged father.

There are two versions of the film on the single DVD disc:  a PG-13 release, and an unrated edition. The PG-13 release, for its rating, has a high amount of the profanity and other suggestive elements removed that is teeming on the “unrated” and is the preferred option if watching with younger family members. If adults are watching the film–then feel free to “let loose” and enjoy the oftentimes raunchy and hilarious “unrated” version.

The different subplots does add to the films more dynamic appeal. There are times during the film where more detail regarding Gerry’s love interest and personal issues seemed a bit touch and go. However, it is a family film and the few setbacks in storytelling do not affect the overall message of the film.

Worth checking out.

The Fitzgerald Family Christmas DVD Special Features Include:


•  Commentary with Writer and Director Edward Burns (Unrated version only).

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After a 20-years absence, the father returns home for the holidays. Trying not to choose sides, Gerry must find a way for them to reach a decision on whether or not to forgive and allow the holiday family reunion.

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