FRANKENSTEIN: THE REAL STORY, is another brilliant DVD collection from the History Channel®, delves into the myth and reality behind Mary Shelley‘s famous tale that would greatly influence the horror genre. Educational and compelling, the three documentaries offer viewers in-depth information into the author’s life the circumstances that influenced her and how  scientists gruesome experiments served as the inspiration for the character Victor Frankenstein. This series is a real treat for horror fans, literary fans, and those interested in checking out about how one of the conception of one of literature’s most notable works, and the creation of one of the world’s most famous monsters.
Frankenstein: The Real Story

Nearly everyone on earth knows of the tale of Frankenstein. From the moment,  the Universal Studios picture debuted in 1931, millions of audience members intrigued by the premise of a man-made monster coming to life via the power of electricity. Frankenstein: The Real Story takes viewers on a wistful ride to discover the origins of the story and its creator, Mary Shelley. Three documentaries–In Search of the Real Frankenstein, Frankenstein, and It’s Alive! The True Story of Frankenstein–are packed full of information and total to about 178 minutes of footage.

Frankenstein: The Real Story hosts an amazing set of television specials. Details about the Frankenstein monster from Shelley herself, to the theatrical adaptations of her book told in the three documentaries featured don the disc. For example, scientists and philosophers in the 18th century were conducting experiments–terrible and bloody ones–while pondering the nature of life, as well as learning for themselves whether or not humans or animals could be resurrected if electricity is used.

Shelley’s personal life was far from being a bore. Both of her parents were extraordinary thinkers and very progressive for their era. This unique environment for a woman in the 18th century helped to nourish her creativity and contribute to literature and soon popular culture in a very big way. The longest documentary, It’s Alive! shows what went into creating the 1931 classic, the different play performances of the novel done in the 18th century and the creation of the sequel “Bride of Frankenstein”. Various spin-offs of both the novel and the original 1931 film done at the beginning of the 20th century and after the Universal Studios version.

Overall, Frankenstein: The Real Story is entertaining and informative.


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FRANKENSTEIN examines how the tale of a brilliant but deranged scientist who builds a grotesque monster from the body parts of fresh corpses has its roots in reality.

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