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Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen, Game of Thrones

She would like to be Queen.

A Man Without Honor – Dænerys (Emilia Clarke) could not have been invited to the House of the Undying under more curious circumstances. It seems that Xaro Xhoan Daxos (Nonso Anozie) wants to be King of Qarth–and he will–with Dænerys as his queen and her dragons as the brutal puppets of his empire. It was no surprise that Dany’s dragons were taken by Warlock Pyat Pree (Ian Hanmore)–the dude was creepy enough for me to suspect that he did it–yet I am not afraid to admit that what Xaro and Pree done was amazing! It makes complete sense that the city of Qarth would only be greater if it reach far beyond it’s gates and embrace all of Westeros. However, if they think that Dany and her dragons will go along for the ride, they are delusional.

The Thirteen were slaughtered by Pree’s doppelgängers and Xaro Xhoan Daxos is declared King of the greatest city that ever was or will be. I’ll admit that I was glad to see that arrogant Spice King meet the maker. He was an utter asshole and I am still waiting to see how much wealth Xaro actually has behind door number one.

Previously, Dænerys and Jora Mormont (Iain Glen) were in a discussion regarding trust.  Jora was becoming too familiar with Dænerys and she wasn’t afraid to put him in his place. Her desire to claim the iron throne is leading towards favoring Xaro’s proposal. With her allies down to Jaro and one Dorhraki guard, it seems that her grasps on the Kingdoms is slipping.

A fool of an heir.

Theon’s (Alfie Allen) a damn fool! An incompetent fool! Why this idiot did not side with the Starks I haven’t the faintest idea and now, this damn fool is complicating even the simplest of takeovers. His men are pimping him to act a way that isn’t in his nature. Bastard! Theon you know Eddard Stark raised you better than that! Now he is in over his head and the only way for him to go now is straight to the gallows! Since taking Winterfell and being duped by Osha, he allowed for Bran and Rickon to escape with Osha, the Gentle Giant and two dire wolves. Theon make a joke about how the halfwit got away–his jesting is short sighted. His desires to appease his father will be the end of him.

He is depending heavily on his sister’s five hundred men to keep hold on Winterfell before Robb’s forces make their way their to reclaim the castle. In a method for ‘control’, Theon allowed one of the farmer’s kids to be killed (burned and strung up) or who I assume to be one of the farmer’s kids. Bran suggested that they not stop at the small farm for fear the hounds that are gaining ground behind them would harm the people there.

Damn it Theon! You can tell he is actually thinking about what to do next, but his men are ever watchful. He doesn’t want to lose the respect of his men, for he knows the future will bode ill for him.

Sexy talk beyond the wall.

Poor Jon. Y’gritte isn’t letting up on her advances towards him. Full flirting assault–Jon is an attractive young man bound to the Night Watch and may have second thoughts to that allegiance. Especially now that he never had an opportunity to experience a “woman’s special touch.” It was enough to send him off his guard and Y’gritte escaped into the accompaniment of her fellow wildling comrades. Loved the verbal interplay Y’gritte was tossing his way. It wasn’t a wonder that Jon was stammering for words.

Arya, Sansa, and Tyrion.

Meanwhile at Harrenhal, brave Arya realized that she isn’t as smart as she thought. Tywin called her on her mannerisms and “lady speak.” He knows that she is more than who she claims to be and I wonder how long it will be before she is revealed to be a Stark. I’ll admit Tywin is another one of my favorite Lannisters (Tyrion being the first on that list of two). He is so damn clever. I feel sorry for him having an idiot for a daughter in Cersei and a complete mad man for a grandson.

Speaking of which, it seems Cersei is having ill concerns regarding her son’s mental health status. She knows Joffrey is a monster; when Tyrion was discussing with her that it is time for Joffrey to behave as a King should, she went on about her guilt, wondering if her “sins” were the reasons behind Joffrey’s cruelty. She even let slip that Joffrey favors Jamie (her brother, Joffrey’s father)–like no one knows this but she and Jamie. To compensate; she mentions that they both discussed how the Targaryen’s would wed Brother and Sister and bore heirs to the throne. However, incest bred mad kings and this was the price she had to pay for being incestuous. This moment was also pivotal: you know Cersei and Tyrion hate each other, yet we see Tyrion edging closer to Cersei–as if to offer comfort with her concerns.

Speaking of Joffrey and the thought of him siring offspring is utterly nauseating. Sansa sees her first period and frantically tried to cover up its occurrence. It did not work.  Cersei counseled her, apologizing for his behavior and told her to instead love her children instead of her King to be Joffrey.

Catelyn issues a near beat-down.

I am in love with Catelyn and Brienne’s partnership. Jamie Lannister managed to escape due to the death of a distant family cousin, Alton, who was enamored by the high ranking Lannister, even embellishing Jamie with how he was glorified by being his squire a time ago. Jamie played this poor idiot to his grave and took one of Robb’s guards with him. His escape was short lived and now the men want his head for murdering one of their own.

Luckily, Catelyn came to his defense and swears to them that Jamie will answer for his crimes. When he is bound again, Catelyn and Brienne visited him in the stockade.  Jamie begins mouthing off, quite proudly, that he is only loyal to Cersei and even stated that he hasn’t bedded any other woman but her.

He went a bit too far when he mentioned how the late Eddard Stark (Sean Bean) wasn’t as faithful. How he impregnated some whore and brought back a bastard son for Catelyn to raise as her own.

She asked for Brienne’s sword. I wonder what she intends do with it?

Ovations HBO for making this one of the most suspenseful episodes of season 2. There are two episodes left and we are nowhere nearer to the intense circumstances the series has brought us to thus far. I am shying away from the destined events that occur in the book, as I am reading A Clash of Kings at the moment and I am still in awe of just how much is missing from the television series. For those of whom yet to pick up a copy of A Song of Fire and Ice book series, I highly suggest doing so.

It would be a pity that your  fealty only lie with your being glued to the television set every Sunday (not a bad thing) of the season, but where will you be the rest of the summer?

See what I mean?

On the horizon…

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Game of Thrones, A Man Without Honor
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In 'A Man Without Honor' Jamie meets a relative, Dænerys is invited to the House of the Undying, and Theon is on the hunt.

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