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Those are brave men knocking at our door…let’s go kill them.

Blackwater – (May 27, 2012) – As the mist and the eerie darkness fell in Westeros, we all knew it and still cannot help but gasp at what’s to come. War. Stannis Baratheon (Stephen Dillane) waited to bring war to the shores of King’s Landing. Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) sought comfort in Shae (Sibel Kekilli) on the eve of war as he too, waited. For the bell that bode ill of what to come. And as the halls of the King drew silent, I waited.

Varys (Conleth Hill) provided Tyrion with a map that disclosed the hidden tunnels the Targaryens built beneath the castle in case the war did not go in their favor. Tyrion remains steadfast knowing full well that this night may be the last night of their lives.

Newly Captained Darvos Seaworth (Liam Cunningham) and his son Matthos (Kerr Logan) discuss how Stannis will win the iron throne and bring judgement to the Lannisters. But not this night.


Queen Regent Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) relayed a bitter offer of protection to the ladies of the court–while drinking heavily and poking questions at Sansa (Sophie Turner) regarding her prayers, loyalty–and how women have an advantage over men and suggested that she learned how to use it just right, but not before she obtained Essence of Nightshade from Grand Mæster Pycelle (Julian Glover). She disregarded his counsel–it is good to see her uncomfortable during a war her incestuous birthed Joffrey has caused. Where was Joffrey during all this? Well, being an asshole, of course. Before King Joffrey headed to the wall with the Kings Men, he “introduced” Sansa to ‘Hearteater.’


I will have to stop with revealing too much of the episode details. It leaves much to be seen and it would be a pity for my goings on how the plot revealed itself–magnificently. When Tyrion anticipated the Stannis would come ashore with his fleet of ships, he doused them all in Wildfire, an amorous jade of horror–sensually tactical–spurred by Bronn’s single flaming arrow. This was a poetic moment in television history. It is a wonder that Stannis urged his armies on to their horrible deaths–as Tryion gave the order to rain fire on his men–one by one they began to fall. Whomever were spared the fiery arrow, met with the Hound’s sharp blade.

Even Ser Lancel got in on the fighting. When injured, he immediately returned to Cersei, who called for her dearest Joffrey to safety. Yes my friends, we have to wait for another episode–or next season–for Joffrey and his mother to get what’s coming to them. The Hound too, retreats. It seems fire was his weakness all along (facial burns courtesy of his brother during childhood) and he escapes to Sansa’s chambers to tell her to come away with him as he would take her to Winterfell. But does she leave with him?

Stannis aims for the weak spot.

The awesome.

  • I know I went on a bit more about last night’s episode as it was a masterpiece of television viewing. Every moment of screen time was aptly utilized, and did not waste going back and forth with whats going on with Robb, or Jon Snow, or Arya. It stuck with the goings on at Blackwater. The episode was tight, it was sexy, and it leaves much to be seen without me spoiling all of the awesome bits of it for you.
  • Every actor was on their game especially Tyrion; he made this episode for what it was. There was so much of his influence and onscreen presence that overshadowed everyone else. Peter Dinklage, it was all about you in this one.
  • When all hope was lost, I have to say that I was cheering when Tywin Lannister and his newly accompanied war-partnered Ser Loras (remember when Renly was assassinated, he swore that he would bring Stannis to justice in The Ghost of Harrenhal) rode in to battle and crushed Stannis’s armies. Poor Stannis, was taken away kicking and screaming.
  • I have to say this again–I loved watching Cersei and Joffrey squirm in this episode. Too bad things did not turn out how I would have liked–but I also appreciate the writers and HBO for heightening anticipation of their demise. Deliciously so!
  • Team Tyrion for the win.

The poo.

  • We are now on our final episode of season 2. I just do not understand why a show, with such brilliance, has to come to a hurried end? Game of Thrones deserves at least a 12-episode season. I am worried that the last episode, Valar Morghulis will feel rushed. By the Gods, why? 
  • Did you guys see how Cersei was about to poison Tommen? Oh hell no! 
  • Pretty much angry that I didn’t get to see Joffrey’s head be put on a spike.

Well my friends, not much of a review of the episode but it does not mean I did not absolutely love it. I just thought that it would be better for you to see for yourselves how it all turned out–in all its brilliance. See you at the end of season 2.

UPDATE: Starting Saturday, June 2 at 6:00 p.m. (ET/PT), the HBO Zone channel will present all nine episodes back-to-back three times, ending right before the season finale debuts on HBO!

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The song at the end of last night’s episode, ‘The Rains of Castamere‘ by The National.

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Blackwater - Cersei delights in shocking Sansa, Tyrion leads; and the Lannisters fight for their lives.

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