Eldandil Elf Hunter: Dûrion


Background:  Dûrion, orphaned when his parents died in the Great War. Adopted by the King’s Master Lore Keeper, Dûrion never truly learned the origins of his parents’ occupations; however, from a young age, he was gifted a bow from a fellow Gardner and taught to fletch his own arrows. His inclination was natural—what is still unknown is his innate gift. With his parents gone, and without blood kin, he could not participate in the Gathering, where young elves learned of their destined occupations. Until Dûrion chose to be joined with his life companions, he spent all his time and energy—every waking moment of his life to be the clan’s greatest huntsman.

•   Age: 600+ •   Height:  6'1 •  Sex:  Male •  Misc: Hidden Mystic Cimmerian; Loner •  Eye Color:  Green/Hazel •  Hair Color:  Green •  Body Type:  Mesomorph; Athletic •  Ethnicity:  Dark Elf •  Occupation:  Hunter; Gatherer •  Hobbies:  Hunting, Fletching, Adventuring, Bowman, Swordsman and Duelist.
•   Age: 600+
•   Height:  6’1
•  Sex:  Male
•  Misc: Hidden Mystic Cimmerian; Loner
•  Eye Color:  Green/Hazel
•  Hair Color:  Green
•  Body Type:  Mesomorph; Athletic
•  Ethnicity:  Dark Elf
•  Occupation:  Hunter; Gatherer
•  Hobbies:  Hunting, Fletching, Adventuring, Bowman, Swordsman and Duelist.

This also proved challenging with the assignment of his life pairings. Each Cimmerian Elf is not only gifted at birth—they are paired with their life companions: Lore Keeper, Weaver and Widow so that the four could benefit from the natural knowledge each possesses. For when the time came, the four companions enter a joining—where each individual strength/talent is enhance through their life long companionship. There is strength in numbers, or you are only as strong as your weakest link, and Dûrion, an orphan, believed failure and rejection to be his destiny. He would not risk the lives of his companions. He believed because he wasn’t part of the Gathering—his presence places others in danger.

He endures his loneliness and benefits as a Hunter. He can utilize his learned abilities to the fullest without fear or ridicule of being judged by those who cannot trust him because of his biological destiny. Without parents to guide him, Dûrion will never be truly accepted by those who are anchored in the way of the ancient selection of the Gathering.

Archetypal info:

The hero in this story is willing to sacrifice his own needs—his isolated comforts—on behalf of his fellow Dark Elves of Harmony. “Self-sacrifice”  is what it means to be a hero. Dûrion embodies the particular functions and purpose of the hero archetype. Note the ending departure dialogue referenced in “The Gates of Eldandin, Harmony,” Durion has just returned from hunting/scouting. It was during his last hunt he “sensed” that something was wrong or out of his comfort zone. Whether or not it was his Herald (Mentor) trying to summon him telepathically (Dûrion often put up “mental blocks” when he is away from home), or could it possibly be his hidden animus awakening within him? His back-story provide the reasons why Durion is a loner. In addition, just as the ending departure dialogue provide the reasons why he should venture out.

PMAI® info*:

Dûrion would score the highest in the WARRIOR archetype due to his own self discipline and courage. Referring to the back-story, Dûrion’s parents died in the Great War thus leaving him orphaned and in the care of elves, not of his biological making. All his life he had to prove himself to those who did not know him by his parents. He developed resiliency. Dûrion would score the lowest in the ORPHAN archetype. His parents died. His shadow archetype he would resist would be his ORPHAN in order to prove he can take on whatever tasks his King or assigned companions give him. What’s more, his ORPHAN is also a great “fall back” persona. The ORPHAN helps him to deal with realism’s and be able to depend on himself to get the job done. His persona also makes audiences have empathy for him. He has been through a lot. In many ways, he would never achieve a “heroic” position.

*The PMAI® (Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator®) is the world’s first scientifically validated archetype assessment tool, and it opens a window into the patterns of our unconscious stories and provides a path to self-understanding.

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