My Project: THE GATES OF ELDANDIL, HARMONY ‘Valainistima’



Background:  Valainistima is one of the oldest and wisest of the Dark Elves. She was at the King’s side during the Great War. She protected him and his army from the Donniks by being instrumental with maintaining the health and survivability of the army during the most prominent part the war. The same war Dûrion’s parents died. At the generations Gathering, Dûrion refused his life pairings. It was then that Valainistima stood surrogate for Dûrion until which time he decided that he would join with his assigned life companions.

 •  Age: 3000+ •  Height: 6’2 •  Weight: N/A •  Sex: Female •  Misc.: Mentor •  Eye Color: Pale, icy blue •  Hair Color: Frost White •  Body Type: Ectomorph – Slim, Graceful •  Ethnicity: Dark Elf •  Occupation: Adviser •  Hobbies: Magic, telepathy, medicine

•  Age: 3000+
•  Height: 6’2
•  Weight: N/A
•  Sex: Female
•  Misc.: Mentor
•  Eye Color: Pale, icy blue
•  Hair Color: Frost White
•  Body Type: Ectomorph – Slim, Graceful
•  Ethnicity: Dark Elf
•  Occupation: Adviser
•  Hobbies: Magic, telepathy, medicine

Although Valainistima’s main employ is to be an adviser to the King, she would on occasion telepathically communicate with Dûrion. Whenever she sensed an internal discord in him or whenever there is a need of encouragement. She did not like it that at times, when Dûrion most needed guidance—he made himself unavailable to her—he believes her genuineness’s towards him is mistrusting—especially when she is not there when he specifically needs her. Rare a request, it is most often during the times when she was specifically servicing the King with political matters.

Most assuredly, she was available whenever Dûrion had to overcome his fear of rejection and abandonment. Offering words of wisdom, advice or counsel whenever he wished it. In addition, she acknowledges that Dûrion has a hidden anima about him. Oftentimes, without his consent—explored the deeper auras that surround him due to his orphan status. It is the parents that are able to reveal the biological gift of their offspring. Before Dûrion, it was easy for Valainistima to assess and interpret an elf’s hidden aura, long before the Gathering. However, this is the first time she is uneasy. Therefore, due to Dûrion’s stubbornness, his hidden, an innate gift yet to be discovered.

Archetypal Information:

Valainistima assigned herself to Dûrion because she fought alongside her parents in the Great War. After the ceremonial Gathering, where Dûrion refused his life pairings, she stood in and acknowledge her new role. Though Dûrion is a loner, she is there to offer him guidance and counsel. She can sense when situations go awry for Dûrion and senses his frustrations. She knows that Dûrion would never voluntarily seek her for guidance—he frequently blocks her telepathically during outings—however, when she senses a breakdown in his barrier, she speaks to him, encourages him or discourages him from potentially devastating actions.

PMAI® Information:

Valainistima would score highest in LOVER because of her as skills and her service as an adviser to many of her fellow Dark Elves. However, she feels that she has an obligation to Dûrion because she was close friends with his deceased parents. Valainistima  is attracted to his ability to “block” her telepathically. She is also committed to ensuring not only his safety and survival–she is there to encourage his passions to do the things he believes are necessary. She is enthusiastic when he triumphs, and she goes out of her way to let him know she acknowledges it. Also, she is passionate and offer encouraging words when she senses his failures. Valainistima would score lowest in SEEKER due to her role adviser to the King and her obligation to maintain the barriers that protect Eldandin, Harmony. She is unlikely to venture out on quests and risk the safety of the King and other ruling factions.

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