BRIEFCASE (2012) – Review

John Zderko, Briefcase, 2012

What’s inside this briefcase will change your life.

Producing short films are rather complicated. Not many can narrow a movie down to its most essential element: story. No matter how one might try to thrill audiences with catchy musical scores, or use enough explosions to divert attention away from one of the most crucial aspects of a film–the story.  Note that producing a short-film is the ultimate introduction in practicing the artistic craft of filmmaking.

Short films are mostly for promotional aspects to increase networking prospects or to secure funding for a broader independent film project related to the movie short. So it is intensely critical for the writer, director, and all those involved to ‘nail’ a concept project as a film short–in less than 15-minutes. Fortunately, this isn’t the case for Briefcase’s creator and writer Nate Golon. He is a genius at captivating you in this collaborative short film,  in less than a minute. With impressive cinematography and production quality, Briefcase sets out to prove just how thrilling the art of filmmaking can be. The only complaint I have in reviewing Briefcase is this–I want to see more.

Carter (Golon) finds a strange briefcase. Curious, he walks over and opens it to discover something that he perhaps should not have. Instead of leaving the case–he visits with a couple who realizes that he shouldn’t have the case either. Unfortunately, Carter soon realizes that no matter how hard you try to avoid it–you cannot escape your mortality.

We’ve seen mortality themes depicted in films before; you can’t escape fate. In the shorta mysterious briefcase with seemingly unknown contents sparks an intense chase that leaves audiences concerned more about what’s in the case and the fate of a rather unfortunate individual who holds it. In a theme familiar to that of The Twilight Zone, Briefcase contains a strikingly similar element for suspense–and what’s more suspenseful than a film about getting a hold of something you should not have a hold of in the first place? It seems that short- mystery thrillers are back–and Golon has found his niche.

Created and written by: Nate Golon
:  Nate Golon, Nadine Heimann, Tobias Mehler, and John Zederko
Produced by:  Nate Golon and Christopher Slaughter
Direction and Cinematography:  Andre Welsh
Edited:  Nick White
Supporting cast:  Kristin Towers-Rowles, Amelya Towers-Rowles, Michael Marquez, Kelly Willis, and Cris Cole
Special thanks:  Robert Archer Lynn, Frank Kniest, Jeff Gadigan, and David Spiteri

Art and supplementary materials courtesy ©2012 Nate Golon. All rights are reserved.

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What's inside this briefcase will change your life.

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