GRACE UNPLUGGED (2013) – Review

Sometimes, chasing your dreams leads you right to where you belong.


Brad J. Sliverman‘s GRACE UNPLUGGED (2013) is a faith based film for families with plenty of good music. The film looks very nice with crisp filming and eye catching settings, and the characters are not exactly complex, but they serve their purpose of telling the story well and giving a good message. While specifically catering to the Christian demographic, this is not a film that forces its perspective on  viewers. At heart, Grace Unplugged appeal to audiences that want something more in the way of substance–or an alternative to Hollywood.

Grace Trey (AJ Michalka) is a Christian teenager living in Birmingham, Alabama. She has a passion for music and plays in her dad’s, Johnny Trey (James Denton), band at their local church. Grace wants to pursue her own solo career, but her father is not very supportive and feels she just needs to be his backup. Angry, she runs away to Los Angeles after an old music manager and producer friend of Johnny’s visit. Pursuing her dream, Grace faces both fame and the troubles it brings.

In this age of booming instant celebrity, the plot of this film is not unrealistic. Michalka’s talent shines through on screen in various scenes where she has to perform. Grace succumbs to peer pressure and has trouble overcoming her addictions. Her father experience past fame and drug abuse as well, so he worries about his daughter on her own in Hollywood.

However predictable, Grace Unplugged is is a “feel good” feature.


Special Features for GRACE UNPLUGGED (2013) Include:

•  Deleted Scenes
•  Gag Reel
•  “Own It: Making of Grace Unplugged” featurette
•  1080P High Definition
•  Widescreen Presentation
•  English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio
•  Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio
•  English and Spanish Subtitles
•  English SDH

The cast and crew discuss the characters and the plot of the film in the making of featurette. It is a modern day approach to the ancient trials tests in the Bible, and everyone seemed to enjoy working with Michalka. She herself discusses her own family life and how they got into the industry while still being loyal to their faith, and fun moments she had on set. Gag Reel is self explanatory, it’s goofs and missed lines that occurred in the process of filming. Deleted Scenes total up to about twelve minutes and could have added a bit more to the film’s final cut.

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Review Summary:

Grace Trey is the ideal Christian teen who is also a phenomenal singer.

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