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H2O, I love you.

To continue on my quest for unique ways people use science as a mode of artistic expression, I am fortunate to have been introduced to one of the most beautifully directed and choreographed music video The Gentle People – H20 ‘I Love You.’

The Gentle People 1st came on the scene in London during Lounge revival. The Aphex Twin loved their unique glamour pop sound and asked them to release the single “Journey,” on his label Rephlex, and even remixed a version of the track. The Gentle People went on to release two further studio LP’s on the label and played a variety of venues throughout the planet in Japan, Russia, UK, Spain, Netherlands, etc.”

What is the chemical formula for love? Or does one even exist? In science, love can be equated with a formulaic reaction– in other words, love is a chemical reaction. So the lyrics in this video by THE GENTLE PEOPLE query this: what is the molecular formula of love? Is love truly a chemical reaction?


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This video, produced and directed by Jean-Marie Marbach, seems to answer just what is love–is it this viscous mix of rhythmic beats and casually seductive and catchy and vocals? Or is it the vivid, mesmerizing colors, and graphical presentation that personifies the artistic imagery that gives this video its romantically aquatic charm–

Give me the molecular formula…that will release our solid state…give me the molecular formula…that makes us rise, evaporate…

I emailed Jean-Marie, and I asked him what the H20 song and video is truly about here is the remarkable explanation I received from him:

“This video is about the quest for a scientific explanation of love and the fact that even without the coveted formula, chemical change remains possible anytime. You won’t know where it’s coming from, but it can still happen, and that’s the beauty of it. A scientific (and psychedelic) approach to love is also a perfect way to introduce the Gentle People’s universe, as ultimately, they are groovy love geeks. They’re probably still searching for that formula in their secret lab right now. Watch out for a wave of Pink bubbles if they find it!

I can say for certain, that this is true, a unique and beautiful video and quite enjoyable to watch and groove to. I thank you, Jean-Marie, for allowing me to review The Gentle People‘s, H20 music video!

Video Credit(s)

Produced and Directed by Jean-Marie Marbach
Music:  The Gentle People and Copy Cat Project
Editing: Philippe Negre

Executive Producer: Jean Buisson-Ramey

Sartorial engineer: Roja Von Galaxy
Hair and Make-up: Elodie Millon
Director of Photography: Richard Montrobert

Assistant camera operator: Stefania Belvedere
Production assistant: Charlotte François

Compositing + VFX: Jean-Marie Marbach
3D tracking: Georges Ginoux
Sound design: Pavel Polyakov

Art and supplementary materials courtesy ©2013 of Jean-Marie Marbach. All rights reserved.

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  • Last modified: 2018-10-31

Review Summary:

Join The Gentle People in their groovy new world in the sumptuous new video produced and directed by Jean-Marie Marbach.

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