Quantic Dream, debuts ‘KARA’ Short Film

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Exclusive to Sony, PS3, the 7-minute short is causing an uproar in gaming circles. If this is the new technology Sony will use to bring the masses of devoted gaming fans back to the franchise, then Sony is moving in the right direction. David Cage, Heavy Rain developer, stunned the audiences at the game developers conference, GDC 2012, by revealing the latest in game design technology in a short-film demo titled KARA. Kara is a female robot in the process of construction when “she” has a sudden awareness of being alive. Familiar to that of the 2001 film Artificial Intelligence (A. I.) starring Haley Joel Osment as a highly advanced robotic boy who longed to become a “real boy,” to win the love of his adoptive parents.

The demonstration was taken from a “real-time” PS3 performance capture, instead of being recorded in separately so viewers can see the fluency in the film capture–emphasizing the game developers focused, and impressive new technologies that will be part of Sony’s new generation of games for young and adult gamers.

Kara was made a year ago, so the technology has evolved a lot since then,” the Quantic Dream head told CVG at GDC. “We’ve worked a lot on the cinematography, we’ve worked a lot on lens flares, on diffraction and how the light plays on the optic… We’re playing with all these things, so I think that the next games – whatever they are – are going to look much better than Kara.”

What is fascinating about the demo that it soon becomes hauntingly realistic, in that the Android, Kara, comes alive the more the script progresses–she speaks 300 languages, can cook, clean, and care for children–she eventually begin’s to beg for her own life–facilitating the powerful element of storytelling by allowing viewer’s to emotionally “take part” in what they are witnessing.

Note, that Kara is not part of a current game title project. Cage wanted to make this clear, however, the GDC presentation certainly has risen the hopes of PS3 gamers, who endured a deluge of safety breaches in 2011.

Enjoy KARA, a Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream PS3 demo presented at GDC 2012.

Source: CVG, PS3 Blog

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