HECHO en MEXICO (MADE IN MEXICO) (2012) – Review

Hecho en Mexico MOVIE

Enlightening documentary on the identity of modern-day Mexico

Duncan Brigeman’s Made in Mexico (Hecho en Mexico) is an enlightening documentary on the identity of modern-day Mexico and its diverse population. Past meet present, and through the eyes of various artists, poets, and musicians presents Mexican culture in a fantastic light giving audiences an understanding of Mexico and the people help shape it. Almost all aspects of Mexican culture visited through its music and spoken word poetry for the entire duration of the film. There is never a dull moment.

Made in Mexico gives an overview of life in Mexico and the Mexican philosophies about different aspects of the human experience: love, relationships, death, immigration, culture, food, addictions, spirituality and religion. Many different artists share their work on camera, whether in song, poetry or visual form, and express these variations of experiences and how Mexicans personally see themselves, their country, and the world around them.

There is so much life and personality in the documentary, from the songs and poems of the various talented artists, to the traditional dances of the indigenous peoples, and how all of these traditions enrich present-day life in Mexico from music to personal interactions. The philosophy of the Mexican people is as diverse as the people themselves and it are very intriguing to see how rich Mexican culture remains today.

Sociocultural issues–immigration and Mexico’s relationship with the United States–are mentioned. It is interesting to view the Mexican perspective on such a controversial issue. Great wisdom, recited through various speakers and artists about the importance of culture and spirituality and how it relates to not only the Mexican people themselves, but to the other inhabitants of the planet. Great emphasis and  understanding of the mosaic that is Mexican culture and how Mexican identity relate to all cultures and all world’s of people. United to improve social conditions around the world.

Made in Mexico is nothing short of a full-on viewing experience. Develop a new appreciation and understanding of Mexico, its culture and people.


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Hecho en Mexico (2012) A documentary on some of contemporary Mexico's most iconic artists and performers.

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