HERE COMES THE DEVIL (2012) – Review

The devil and then some.


Writer-director Adrián García Bogliano‘s HERE COMES THE DEVIL (Ahí va el diablo) (2012) is a scary ass film. Perhaps there is a better way that I can phrase “scary movie,” but it just will not sound the same. See, we all have seen movies about children possessed by the devil, a demon or the like. Some and not all made for good cinema. This one…well, I will put it like this. If you seen how surprisingly suspenseful the movie Insidious (2010) is then I can almost assure you that this one will give you something to be afraid of. If it is not the devil–then for damn sure would be a pair of creepy devil-possessed kids. I can promise you that. That is, if you can “ignore” where the “close” relationship between siblings alludes to.HERE COMES THE DEVIL DVD

After an intense sexually explicit beginning between two women–a MANIAC decides to visit in the worse way–by chopping off a few fingers, then escapes to a cave riddled mountainside. In another scene, a family outing turns bloody–the daughter gets her first period. Later, on the very same day the parents engage in heavy petting session while their son and daughter explore their surroundings. When the kids fail to return after their walk they are reported as missing.

Eventually, the kids mysteriously return to their parents, and they soon realize that the children are behaving abnormally.  They are distant, act out in defiance and to top it all off, they hear strange noises in and around the home. There are more than one eerie sequence that are difficult to sit through–this is the part where the film specify the relationship between Sara (Michele Garcia) and Adolfo (Alan Martinez). More annoyingly, the closer the parents get to finding out what may or has happened to their children–prepare to be jolted yet again into another nonsensical paradox.

The “devil” is certainly busy in this movie. Despite Bogliano’s attempt to push that sexual curiosity and intimacy bring about malevolence of the demonic kind, it would have been more appropriate if the children behave more demon-like and a lot less like grown folk.

Hide your kids. Hide your wife…from the devil. 

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A couple's son and daughter reappear after being lost overnight on a cave-riddled mountainside.

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