I AM YOURS ‘Jeg Er Din’ (2013) – Review


Love, in all the wrong places.

Iram Haq‘s I AM YOURS (Jeg er din) (2013) is an evocative tale about an unhappy single mother who ignores her young son in favor of a relationship with Jesper (Ola Rapace), a very attractive Swedish filmmaker. This intricate portrait study of a woman forced to adhere to the strict obligations to her expatriate Norwegian Pakistani family, resists by displaying openly, her relationships with men. The film also doesn’t avoid revealing the consequences the principal character, Mina (Amrita Acharia), experiences as a result of her poor decision making. The result is a complex tension of details that, unfortunately, suffers due to the films’ slow pacing.JEG ER DIN 2014

Mina (Acharia) is 27-year-old struggling actress and divorcee who shares custody of her son Felix (Prince Singh), with her successfully remarried architect ex-husband (Assad Siddique). Her mother, Samina (Rabia Noreen) worries about her family’s reputation and reminds her that she must find stability in her life–to remarry and be a proper mother to her son. The pressure for Mina’s familiar stability also comes from the local Norwegian-Pakistani community. Mina’s mother frequently reminds that they are watching her very inappropriate public display of affection for men, and are at risk of being estranged from the community. The fragile relationship between Mina and her mother is experienced throughout their shared onscreen time. As a result, a series of irresponsible acts perpetrated by Mina leads to her eventual downfall and social isolation from her family.

Mina is an emotionally unstable character who is oftentimes selfish in her actions. She abandons her son in the hallway of her ex-husband’s apartment in order to be with Jesper, who can no longer bear Mina’s unavailability due to her already dejected responsibilities as a mother. She is needy. The men she encounters can sense it. Sadly, regardless of her son’s desperate attempts to get her to acknowledge his undeniable love for her, she wholly depends on the men she meets to fulfill her own cravings for love and attention.

The performances are of no particular interest to note other than that of Acharia’s understandably random and confusing obligation in each sexual encounter onscreen. Her facial expressions often reflect her unconscionable actions. Noreen’s character’s insistence to consciously correct her daughter’s ill behavior was assuring while Rapace’s performance as Mina’s selfish lover was unmoving and does not stand out beyond his obvious good looks.

Unflinching and honest, I Am Yours (2013) is a carefully shot production. Haq’s camera captures every emotional scene and is successful in obtaining every disregard and indecision of its main protagonist through to her sullen, though predictable end.


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Constantly looking for love in all the wrong places, Mina falls in and out of relationships with a string of men.

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