Only one will rule the road.

Competition and rage are high as the temperatures are low in season seven of ICE ROAD TRUCKERS: SEASON 7. There is BIG MONEY to be made and this season, and the competition is FIERCE! Four veterans of the show return this season to work for Polar Industries. The tension felt in each episode–all twelve episodes–making season seven better than the previous season.

Hugh Rowland is now in charge of the VP Express, his own trucking company. Rowland one-ups his old boss at Polar Industries, with whom he had a massive falling out with at the end of the sixth season. Together with co-worker Vlad Pleskot they hope to out perform their rivals–veterans Alex Debogorski and Lisa Kelly, and keep their eye on the prize. Not only are several million dollars are at stake, but reputations and the truckers pride are, as well.

The introduction episode of the seventh season immediately sets up what’s to come, and the mixture of veterans with newcomers far surpasses the participants in season six of “Truckers.” Mark Kohaykewych, the owner of Polar Industries, is a man with a no-nonsense attitude and wishes to teach his former two employees a lesson in how to run a business. Lisa is an unexpected yet pleasant face in the male-dominated world of truck driving and with her strained relationship with Hugh. Personal preference as far as cast members go and their circumstances will determine the outcome of the season.

Prepare yourself for more conflict. Season seven is a must haveaddition to the seasons 1 – 6 collections.


ICE ROAD TRUCKERS: SEASON 7 Special features include:

•  Over 30 minutes of never before seen bonus footage

The bonus footage reveals the lives of the truckers, including why Lisa had to take a break from trucking, Art Burke’s conflicting personality and his motivation for being in Manitoba for the season, and Todd Dewey’s previous work experience. Their hobbies are also explored and range from Art’s love of ice fishing to Todd’s interest in musical instruments. Some of the side adventures the truckers have done while on the road and in their free time are shown, such as returnee Darrell Ward’s climbing of a wall of ice.

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This season, the Ice Road Truckers battle the farthest reaches of the North American continent.

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