A Costume Party and A Psycho Ex ‘In Transit’ ep. 3 – Review

IN TRANSIT Ep 3 - Caesar, Aaron and Arj

A costume party isn’t the best way to make a connection.

In Transit (1:3) is beginning to have a few interesting plot twists; including the secret behind Arj’s (Thulaisi Sivapalan) confidence and the return of Yvonne (Jorja Brain), Caesar’s (John Gomez Goodway) ex. The web series is proving it can handle drama just as well as comedy.

Caesar and Arj decide to host a costume party at their place with fellow friend Marcus (Alex Millwood). Little does Caesar know, Yvonne is in attendance, and decides to block nearly all of his attempts at socializing with other women. Meanwhile, Marcus begins to get friendly with Maya (Maddy Butler), a musician, who came to the party with her boyfriend. Early in the episode it is found that Arj’s confidence is the result of cocaine usage–an unexpected development in the duration of the program. Since In Transit has taken a more serious turn, what else can be expected?

A career in acting for Caesar is looking unlikely due to his overconfidence, and lack of motivation to work on his performance. Yvonne has already begun to complicate things with her interference in Maya’s relationship, so it is likely either of them will not go away so soon. Will Marcus step in and replace her boyfriend? How will Arj’s drug use affect his relationships and business life? Will Caesar ever get any acting roles? We just have to keep watching for developments. So far, In Transit has only impressed and music in each episode is pretty good and fits the mood for their assigned scenes.

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In Transit
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Caesar and Arj hold a costume party, featuring crushes, potential drug problems and a difficult ex.

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